Month: June 2015

Fun Genealogy Quotes!


Michael Roach and Louise Genetti Roach
(no this is not Ireland!)

For the past month, I’ve been in Ireland learning about my husband’s ancestry. The posts you have received during this time I wrote before my trip and scheduled their publication dates while I was away and unable to blog. Soon I’ll be back at my desk, researching our fascinating family and posting stories from our ancestral archives. But for now, here are a few fun genealogy quotes to brighten your day …



“Moment of Truth for a genealogist: discovering you are your own cousin.” ~ unknown

“If you don’t know who the family black sheep is, it’s probably you.” ~ unknown

“Do you know where your great grandparents are?” ~ unknown

“If you shake your family tree, watch for the nuts to fall.” ~ unknown

“Genealogy is all about chasing your own tale.” ~ unknown

“Genealogy: In the end, it’s all relative.” ~ unknown

OK – enough with the bad puns! See you all soon on The Genetti Family Genealogy Blog!


A Quote to Ponder


Four Genetti brothers: Albert, Gus, Stanley and Leon. 1939

“If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row, would you be proud of them or not? Or don’t you really know? But here’s another question which requires a different view – if you could meet your ancestors, would they be proud of you?” ~ Nellie Winslow Simmons Randall

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A Quote to Ponder


Raffaele and Lucia Genetti with their family in Weston, PA.

“We are who we are because they were who they were.” ~ unknown