The Genetti Family Coat-of-Arms in Castelfondo, Italy.

Welcome to the Genetti Family Gallery!

Here you will find information about our ancestors, pictures of Castelfondo, photos from past family reunions, copies of obituaries, family stories, images of grave markers and Genetti videos. Some of these genealogical gems have been tucked away for decades in old shoe boxes, dusty photo albums and personal journals.

Now you have the opportunity to share your special memories with the entire Genetti family. Help grow the family gallery by including treasured memories, mementos and even home movies. Scan your old photos, check your computer for digital files you already have and photograph those wonderful keepsakes (like your great-aunt’s copper polenta pot!). Send us your stories, family obituaries and tributes.

To access Gallery pages, please click on the links below:

Send photos as JPG files attached to an email (no more than 8 attachments per email). Include information for each photo so we can give it a caption (names, dates, location). Send to Louise Genetti Roach. Click here for email link.

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