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An early home movie taken at the wedding of Lewis J. Reich (1908-2003) to Elizabeth “Betty” Zambotti (1912-1995). Betty was the daughter of Ottilia Anna “Tillie” Genetti and Pietro “Peter” Zambotti. She was also the granddaughter of Damiano Genetti and Oliva Zambotti. The ceremony took place on June 3, 1935 in Weston, Pennsylvania.

According to Conrad Reich (son of Lewis and Betty):

“After my father Lewis Reich died, we were cleaning out drawers and found a box containing a reel of 8MM film marked Betty and Lewis’s wedding. My sister Olivia unreeled a few inches, looked at it and said ‘if this is what I think it is, I am taking it to my daughter Charis who is works in film production in LA and have her check it out’.

The film was an 8MM movie of my parents’ wedding at Tillie’s [Genetti Zambotti] home in Weston on June 3, 1935. It is thought that the movie was shot by Angela’s [Genetti] husband James McNelis. The movie includes all of Damiano’s [Genetti] children and their mother Oliva. My father’s parents and brothers are also included on the film. When Charis took the film to a friend of hers for conversion to a DVD, he said that the film was pristine and had never been viewed.”

Our thanks to Conrad Reich for sending us this cherished family heirloom.

Also, special thanks to Charis Hearn, great-granddaughter of Tillie Genetti Zambotti and granddaughter of Lewis and Betty Reich. Charis works in the California film industry and is responsible for all of the editing and production required to bring this lost treasure to life. Without her expertise, this early home movie may have languished in a forgotten shoe box. Many thanks, Charis, for sharing your talents and family with us!

Video contributed by the children and grandchildren of Lewis and Betty Reich.


“Friendly Persuasion” – Genetti Hotel 90th Anniversary Retrospective 2012

This video was commissioned by The Genetti Hotel & Suites in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the hotel’s founding. Originally named the Lycoming Hotel, Gus and Val Genetti (son of August “Gus” Genetti of Hazelton, PA) purchased the hotel in 1975. The Genetti Hotel is now considered a legendary landmark in the Williamsport area.

This is a public video posted on YouTube and can be found on The Genetti Hotel Channel.


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