Genetti Family Directory of Services, Businesses and Creators

Welcome to our directory of family businesses, services and creators! Listings are free of charge. If you would like your business or service listed or know of someone who should be included in our directory, please use the Contact form on our website. Send us the business or person’s name, description of business, service or creator’s specialty, and their web address. 



The Genetti Hotel and Suites
Conference Center, Hotel, Taphouse
Williamsport, PA

The Genetti Hospitality Complex
Conference Center, Business and Catering Services, Hotel, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Next Level Event Design
332 South Michigan Avenue, 9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

Artists, Musicians, Authors:

Gary Genetti Glass
Nationally recognized glass artist

Louise Genetti Roach
Digital artist, print on demand, stock photography
Laroach Digital Arts: 
Retro Art Factory:
Louise Roach Stock Photography at Dreamstime:

Dr. Carol Genetti
American linguist, author and alternative musician

Joey Genetti
Musician, songwriter, indie pop

Alexandra Genetti
Author, tarot, fiber arts

Philipp Genetti
South Tyrolean singer and songwriter

Gail Perry Johnston
Author, book publisher, graphic designer

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