Michigan Genetti Family

We are looking for family photographs from two branches of the Genetti family that settled in Ironwood/Bessemer, Michigan. They are the descendants of:

  • Pietro (Peter) Genetti (B:1882 – D: 1964) and wife Maria (Mary) Marchetti (B: 1892 – D: 1962)
    • Note: Maria later married Joseph Regis
  • Enrico Genetti (B: 1885 – D: 1963) and wife Cattarina (Catherine) Corazza (B: 1886 – D: 1958)

If you are a descendant of one of these families and have any ancestral family memories you would like to share on this website, we would be most grateful.

All contributions to the Genetti Family Photo Gallery are welcomed. Please send photos as JPG files attached to an email (no more than 8 attachments per email). Include information for each photo so we can give it a caption (names, dates, location).

Send to Louise Genetti Roach. Click here for email link.

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