Michigan Genetti Family

Photographed in Bessemer, Michigan in 1919.

Standing in back: Flora (Marchetti) Ferrari, Angela (Marchetti) Menghini, Peter Menghini, Primo Emil Joseph (child), Maria (Marchetti) Genetti and Pietro Genetti.

Seated front: Albert Joseph Genetti, Joseph Ferrari and Florian Ferrari

Angelo Pietro (Peter) Genetti (1882 -1964) and Maria (Mary) Marchetti (1892-1962), both of Castelfondo, Tyrol, married in Hurley, Wisconsin in 1915. Settling in Bessemer, Michigan near Ironwood, where Pietro was a miner, the couple had three sons: Primo Emil Joseph (1914-1977), Albert Joseph (1916-1981) and Florian Joseph (1923-1997). Emil and Albert had long, distinguished careers in the Army. Their third son, Florian, owned a barber shop in Bessemer and becomes a local politician. Peter and Mary divorced in 1930, with Maria gaining custody of the three boys. She eventually remarried Joseph Regis.

Information for others in the photo:

Emma Fiorentina (Flora) Marchetti (1884-1959), originally from Castelfondo, married Pietro (Peter) Giambattista Ferrari (1877-1959) from Revo in 1905 in Wisconsin. The two boys seated on the right in the photograph are, Joseph Christopher Ferrari (1911-1999) and Florian Lewis Ferrari (1909-1986). Joseph and Florian were the couple’s youngest children. They also had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Ferrarri (1906-1976) and another son, George David Ferrari (1908-1992). All four of the children were born in Wisconsin. The family later moved to Bessemer, Michigan where Peter supported his family as a miner.

The older couple in the center of the photo are Angela Marchetti Menghini (1869-1944) and her husband Peter Menghini (1866-1943) of Rock Springs, Wyoming. According to John Nimmo, the great-grandson of Angela and Peter, they were most likely in the area visiting relatives when this photo was taken. It’s likely that Angela Marchetti was related to Flora and Maria Marchetti.

Photograph courtesy of John and Nancy Faulkner. Nancy is the granddaughter of Pietro (Peter) Giambattista Ferrari and Emma Fiorentina (Flora) Marchetti (Flora is shown in the photo). Nancy’s cousin, Athena Rose Schumacher, is also a subscriber to our blog and she too is the granddaughter of Flora and Peter Ferrari.

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Special Note:

We are looking for family photographs from two branches of the Genetti family that settled in Ironwood/Bessemer, Michigan. They are the descendants of:

  • Pietro (Peter) Genetti (B:1882 – D: 1964) and wife Maria (Mary) Marchetti (B: 1892 – D: 1962)
    • Note: Maria later married Joseph Regis
  • Enrico Genetti (B: 1885 – D: 1963) and wife Cattarina (Catherine) Corazza (B: 1886 – D: 1958)

If you are a descendant of one of these families and have any ancestral family memories you would like to share on this website, we would be most grateful.

All contributions to the Genetti Family Photo Gallery are welcomed. Please send photos as JPG files attached to an email (no more than 8 attachments per email). Include information for each photo so we can give it a caption (names, dates, location).

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