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Fair Verona

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago I was exploring the streets of Verona. Home of the Montagues and Capulets (remember your high school lit class?). Verona was entrancing! The architecture, churches and meandering streets transported me back to an age of Gothic grandeur, with a Roman arena towering over city center.

The City of Verona is also a World Heritage Sight. For you history buffs, I recommend visiting the UNESCO website for more info and to view a gallery of photos: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/797 

Such a gem of a city …  doth I say, as beautiful a lady as Venice?


The streets of fair Verona with the Roman arena on the right.



The Verona Arena was built in AD 30 by the Romans. It looks like a smaller version of the Colosseum. The interior has been updated with stadium seating and is still in use today for rock concerts and expansive opera productions.


Renaissance splendor! The architecture of Verona began with the Romans in the 1st century BCE and spans many historical periods and styles.


Juliet’s house – Casa di Guilietta – and her balcony are one of the main attractions of Verona.


Sant’ Anastasia is an exquisite Gothic church built between 1280-1400. Frescos cover the entire interior. The church recently underwent an extensive restoration and the artwork absolutely sings with color! This was my favorite church from our entire trip.


The Ponte Pietra (Italian for Stone Bridge) is a Roman bridge completed in 100 BC that spans the Adige River. It is massive and a truly impressive piece of architecture.

My handsome husband, Michael, standing on the Ponte Pietra.

My handsome husband, Michael, standing on the Ponte Pietra.