About the Family Tree

I had a great question sent to me today by a family member.


Why can’t we see the information of living people when viewing the online family tree? Since this family wanted to update information on their immediate family members it was difficult to know exactly what names, birth dates, etc. were correct when all that can be seen on the tree is a placeholder that says “Living”. 

The answer:

To protect living descendants from those nasty people prowling the internet looking for personal data they may use to perpetrate identity theft, it is HIGHLY advised never to publish a living person’s information. This is the same policy used by all genealogy sites to protect their users.


If you are a family member and would like to check family vital stats such as birth dates, marriages, children, divorces, etc. for living descendants, please email me directly. I can provide you with a Descendant’s Report in PDF format for several generations of your family that includes vital stats info. In order to receive this report you must be a member of that particular family and I must be able to identify you in my data base. No Descendant’s Report will be sent out unless this criteria is met.

Thank you for sending this question. I’m sure many family members out there were wondering the same thing.

Have questions? Send them to info.genetti.family(at)gmail.com.

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