Home Again!


Me on the Ponte Pietra in Verona – only one day left before we leave lovely Italy.

I am finally back home after our six-week adventure through Northern Italy. During that time I met wonderful Italian cousins, visited the birthplace of my ancestors, lived as an Italian in the charming city of Bolzano, hiked in the Alps, visited many historical sights and churches, and ate my fill of tradition Tyrolean cuisine. Yes, it was a memorable trip – one that I will never forget.

Our last week was spent in fair Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. And we concluded the trip where we began with a final dinner at the Milan Park Hyatt, toasting a bottle of our favorite wine (a vintage from Lombardy that we cannot purchase in the USA). More photos to come in future posts of these two beautiful cities!

Leaving Italy - view of the Italian Alps from the air as we fly towards France.

Leaving Italy – view of the Italian Alps from the air as we fly towards France.

Then there was the VERY long trip home. In our final 48 hours we rode in a train, three taxis, three planes and a car. With lay-overs in both Heathrow and Dallas, the total trip from Milan to Santa Fe took 25 hours! I was one tired traveler by the time we arrived home at midnight on Thursday. I’m almost recovered from my jet lag and will soon post more fascinating info about the Genetti clan and our Italian adventure. Stay tune!

I would be especially grateful if each of you reading this post helped spread the word about the Genetti Family website and blog. Email a sibling or cousin today and tell them about this unique genealogy resource. Information for the Genetti Family Genealogy Project can also be found on FaceBook at: www.facebook.com/genettifamilygenealogy.


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