New Photos and People on the Tree!

angela genetti photo

Angela Maddalena Genetti Recla 1865-1937

The past two weeks have brought many new acquaintances and surprises to my genealogy research. I’ve compared DNA findings on, discovered new facts about family stories, shared tips with those of you doing your own ancestor research and worked on several personal genealogies for Genetti cousins. There is so much to share that I need several blog posts to cover all of our exciting genealogy news!

Today I would like to thank Don Lingousky and his wife Joyce for their wonderful contribution to The Genetti Family Genealogy Project. Don is the great-grandson of Angela Maddalena Genetti, daughter of Leone and Cattarina Genetti, sister of Damiano and Rafaele Genetti.

Born the 25th of December, 1865 in Castelfondo, Trentino, Austria (Italy), Angela emigrated to Pennsylvania as a young woman and in 1887 married a fellow Tyrolean, Raphael Recla. They had six children (two died in childhood), before Raphael tragically passed away in 1896 at the young age of 32.

leonela recla

Leonela Erminia Recla Lingousky 1890-1979

Obviously a strong woman, Angela became the head of the household, raising her remaining children on her own. According to Angela’s great-grandson, Don, she also adopted a young boy named Henry Parisi from St. Joseph’s Foundling Home (Pennsylvania) around 1906. Angela said she had prayed for a favor and promised to adopt a child if what she prayed for came true. Henry became part of her family and is noted in the 1910 and 1920 Census. Angela’s middle child, Leonela Erminia pictured in this lovely portrait, married Bernard Thomas Lingousky in 1913. Leonela and Bernard are Don’s grandparents.

The email that Don sent me two weeks ago contained information on many of his family members along with beautiful old portraits. I was thrilled! Don and his wife Joyce were already working on their family genealogy when they found our website. Don and I share the same 2nd great-grandparents, Leone and Cattarina Genetti, making us third cousins. Since our ancestors overlap, I was able to provide my personal genealogy to Don, as well as add his information to our growing family tree. Thanks to the Lingouskys we have added 8 new portraits to our Photograph page and twenty-six new people to the online family tree!

And we have another surprise portrait that will be added in a future blog post of a missing ancestor! Don inherited several photos from his Aunt Bernardine (Leonela and Bernard’s daughter) – one of which “knocked my socks off”! I’m still researching this ancestor, but will bring you the details soon.

To see all of Don’s family portraits, visit the Photograph Page. You can also trace Angela Genetti Recla’s ancestry on our digital Family Tree.

Thanks again Don and Joyce! I wish you many happy and successful hours researching your rich Tyrolean heritage.


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