The Glass Studio of Gary Genetti

GaryGenettiIf you live near the New York City area or eastern Pennsylvania, make sure you stop by the Glass Studio of Gary Genetti during the weekend of November 27-29. Every year Gary opens the doors of his studio to the public, offering a glimpse of his exquisite glass art. The event takes place in the rural town of Warwick, New York – just north of NYC. For address and phone number, see the flyer shown here or check Gary’s website.




BlueMedallionThis year Gary will be featuring his new kiln formed work: Fused Murrine Mosaics and Carved/Color Inlayed Panels. I’ve only seen these online, but I bet they are spectacular in-person!

A nationally recognized glass artist, Gary’s beautiful pieces have been exhibited in many galleries and prestigious craft venues, as well as featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC.






Stop by and browse Gary Genetti’s website. If a piece catches your eye and you would like it for your collection or as a special gift, contact him directly at:

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