The Long and Winding Road of Genealogy, Part 3

Continued from Part 2 …

Wedding Photograph in Weston, PA

Date: October 1906. Place: In front of the boarding house and saloon owned by Raffaele Genetti in Weston, PA. The photograph commemorates a double wedding: (5 + 6, 8 + 9).  1. Silvio Genetti, 2. Peter Zambotti, 3. St. Clair, 4. Dora Genetti Bott, 5. Richard Fedrizzi, 6. Angeline Cologna Fedrizzi, 7. Tillie Genetti Zambotti, 8. Peter Dallachiesa, 9. Virginia Fedrizzi Dallachiesa, 10. William Dona, 11. Max Martini, 12. Joseph Fedrizzi, 13. John Springhetti, 14. Josephine Dona, 15. Florence Yannes, 16. Nela Recla, 17. Angeline Marchetti Genetti

During my research of the Dallachiesa family for cousins Arleen and Melissa, I was contacted by Erin Johnston, a descendant of Giulia Anna Marchetti Ossana from Castelfondo. Erin happened upon our website while researching her own Tyrolean family line. She sent me an inquiry wondering if her great-grandmother, Giulia Anna, was related to the Marchetti family that settled in Hazleton/Black Creek, Pennsylvania.

Her email explained further: while searching through our photos, she had made an interesting discovery. Erin noticed that several people noted in the wedding photograph at the top of our Photograph Page were also listed in the 1900 Federal Census, along with her great-grandmother. According to the census, “Anna” lived at the same boarding house in Black Creek, PA with Peter Zambotti (#2 in photo), his brother Alessandro Zambotti, Peter Dallachiesa (#8 – one of the grooms in photo) and his brother Joseph Dallachiesa. Since I had spent three weeks researching all of these ancestors, Erin’s email could not have been more timely. I was sure she had stumbled upon a missing clue – but neither she nor I had any idea what that was!

To rule out the obvious, first I searched my own Marchetti tree (my grandmother was a Marchetti) and found no obvious connection between Erin’s family and mine. Next I went back to the genealogy I was working on for Arleen and Melissa – something immediately caught my eye! The parents of Clemente Dallachiesa, Arleen’s great-grandfather and Melissa’s 2nd great-grandfather, were Pietro Dallachiesa and Barbara Marchetti. (Keep in mind that Clemente’s two sons are Peter and Joseph. Both are listed in the census as living at the same address as Erin’s great-grandmother, Anna, along with Peter and Alessandro Zambotti. Plus the census states they are all close in age.). Perhaps Clemente’s mother, Barbara Marchetti, was related to Erin’s Marchetti line!

I returned to my church records to search for the family of Barbara Marchetti (1818-1895). After some digging, I found what I was looking for! Barbara had a younger brother named Giovanni Marchetti (B: 1823) who was the father of Giulia Anna. Therefore, Erin’s great-grandmother was the 1st cousin of Clemente, and the 1st cousin, once removed of his sons, Peter and Joseph Dallachiesa. And Clemente’s sister, Catterina Dallachiesa (also Anna’s 1st cousin), married Simone Zambotti. Therefore, their sons, Peter and Alessandro Zambotti, were Anna’s 1st cousins, once removed too. So it appears that a group of cousins (Dallachiesa, Zambotti and Marchetti) all came to America at about the same time, were all about the same age, and lived at the same boarding house!

To go a little further into our analysis, here is the cousin relationship between Arleen, Melissa, Erin and me:

  • Arleen and Melissa are 2nd cousins, once removed through the Dallachiesa family.
  • Arleen and Erin are 4th cousins through the Marchetti family.
  • Melissa and Erin are 4th cousins, once removed through the Marchetti family.
  • Arleen and I are 3rd cousins through the Zambotti family.
  • Melissa and I are 3rd cousins, once removed through the Zamobtti family.
  • Arleen and I are 4th cousins, through the Genetti family.
  • Melissa and I are 4th cousins, once removed through the Genetti family.
  • Erin and I are not related – at the time of this writing I have not found a connecting ancestor, but there may still be one.

Yes, I’m just as confused as you are by the over-lapping cousin relationships!

However, Erin’s insights have shed an entirely new light on the wedding photograph (see above) of 1906! I’ll explain more in my next blog post.

To be continued …


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  7 comments for “The Long and Winding Road of Genealogy, Part 3

  1. ErinJohnston
    October 5, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Hi Louise,

    I sent a note on Ancestry…. this is the discussion we had and the research you came up with,!

    This is so exciting and I am so grateful.
    thank you again
    Erin Johnston

    • L.Roach
      October 5, 2018 at 1:10 am

      Wow Erin! Thanks for reminding me, I had completely forgot about this series of posts since I researched it so long ago! Well I guess DNA has proven we are cousins – it will take more digging to find the connection. Thanks again for the reminder!

      • Erin Jay
        October 12, 2019 at 8:49 pm

        Hi again Louise!!

        I’m curious if when you were searched Barbara marchetti and Giovanni Marchetti and found out that they were siblings….. Did they have any other siblings?

        I’m putting another question regarding Amore private family with the parents Louise Marchetti…. I ask because one of Louise’s descendants has a striking resemblance to my grandmother… Possibility of cousins

      • L.Roach
        October 12, 2019 at 9:11 pm

        Sorry Erin, I don’t think I can be of help with your questions. The original post was so long ago and so complicated that it would take a great deal of energy and research to re-visit the information. My concentration is mainly with the Genetti family so I don’t have as much depth of knowledge when it comes to the Marchetti family.

  2. Erin Jay
    October 13, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    I understand…. I’m having challenges with the Nati site…. I appreciate the information you gave me a few years back… I was shocked humbled and in awe from the great detail you gave me…. I didn’t want to ask for more information at that point
    ….. I trust I will figure out this birth site eventually….. again thankyou

    • Erin
      October 17, 2019 at 9:28 am

      I found two female siblings of Barbara and Giovanni last night….using the Nati site with the recommendation of Lynn …… there may be more but the site only goes back to 1815 so I will have to continue this at a future date but for now I have all of my great-grandmother’s siblings and her father’s siblings (listed on the site) My next steps on this lineage will be to seek copies of the original records. Thank you again for your help.

      • L.Roach
        October 17, 2019 at 1:53 pm

        Glad you are finding your ancestors! The Nati site can be tricky to work with.

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