Oscar Jewell Harvey

Exert from “A History of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania: From Its First Beginnings to the Present Time, Including Chapters of Newly-discovered Early Wyoming Valley History, Together with Many Biographical Sketches and Much Genealogical Material, Volume 2.” Compiled by Oscar Jewell Harvey and Ernest Gray Smith. Originally published in 1909 by Raeder Press, updated in 1928. Digitized in 2008. You can download this ebook for free through Internet Archive.


August H. Genetti

The largest food establishment in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, is the one generally known as the Genetti Markets, located at the corner of Broad and Pine streets, and operated, since the retirement of the founder in 1920, under the name of D. Genetti Sons. Here all kinds of food products of the finest quality may be procured, groceries, meats, delicatessen products, and pastry. A first class bakery and restaurant gives prompt and efficient service to those who wish to have their meals served here, and the twenty-five acre farm at Conyngham, Pennsylvania, provides fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. Since the sons of the founder took charge they have erected a new two-story building to house their greatly expanded business, and they now (1928) give employment to one hundred and twenty-four people.

Damiano Genetti, founder of the business, was born in the Austrian Tyrol, in August, 1858, [Webmaster Note: Damiano’s birthday was actually September 26, 1857] and came to this country as a young man of twenty-three years, in 1882. [Webmaster Note: This date may be in question as others sources date his arrival to around 1878.] He located at Lattimer, Pennsylvania, where for many years he was engaged as a mining contractor. After his marriage, however, he returned to Austria, and there he remained for about eighteen years, taking an active part in the public and business life of his town and serving as mayor of Castelfondo for a period of seven years and as Senator for three years. He had the highest respect of his fellow-townsmen and of his many friends and was deeply attached to his home land, but after eighteen years of enjoyment of the association of his countrymen he again came to America, locating this time in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Here he engaged in the meat business, but after a period of success in this line he again returned to the land of his birth. [Webmaster Note: Damiano left Pennsylvania in 1888 with his wife and new-born son to return to Castelfondo. He came back to Pennsylvania around 1902, a period of sixteen years. He returned to Castelfondo much later in the 1920’s.] In 1904 he established a meat business of his own in Hazleton, and this he continued to operate until 1920, when he retired from active business life, leaving his four sons to continue the business under the name of D. Genetti Sons. Since his retirement Mr. Genetti has spent his time in this country and in Austria, alternating each year, spending one year here and the next in Austria. He married Olive Zambatti [Zambotti], and they became the parents of nine children: 1. Leo, married Angeline Morchetti [Marchetti], and has children: Rita, John, Catherine, Adeline, Joyce, and Leo, Jr.  2. Dora, wife of Vercondo [Verecondo] Bott, of Hazleton, has children: Anna, Henry, Esther, Agnes, Helen, and Emma.  3. Tillie, wife of Peter Zambatti [Zambotti], of Weston, Pennsylvania, has children: Leo, Elizabeth, and Leona.  4. August H., of further mention.  5. Albert, unmarried.  6. Esther, unmarried.  7. Erma, wife of Henry Boduz [Brandz], of Freeland, Pennsylvania: has one child, Catherine.  8. Stanley, unmarried.  9. Angeline, unmarried.

August H. Genetti, son of Damiano and Olive [Oliva] (Zambotti) Genetti, is associated with his three brothers, Leo, Albert, and Stanley, in the management and ownership of the Genetti Markets, under the name of D. Genetti Sons. In 1924 the brothers erected the two-story building in which the business is at present (1928) housed, and soon after removing to the new quarters, which are commodious and convenient, forty by two hundred feet in dimension, they began to enlarge the business, adding one new department after another until they had made the Genetti Market one of the most complete food establishments in this part of the State. Today they handle practically everything in the food line, groceries, meat, delicatessen stock, pastry, and they also conduct a bakery and restaurant. The business has grown by leaps and bounds, and the brothers are not content to be merely middle men. They own a twenty-five acre farm in Conyngham, Pennsylvania, where they grow most of their vegetable produce, and where they produce the finest milk and eggs, and in each of the various departments of the Genetti Market is found only the finest and best of food products. Quality of goods and quality in service have made the Genetti Market a center of interest to housewives, and fair prices have made the market a boon to many of the residents of Hazleton.

Along with their business success all of the brothers have shown a deep interest in the town and have been ever ready to lend a hand at the task of improving the community. They give employment to one hundred and twenty-four people. In 1925 the number of employees was only six, this great increase has all come within the short space of three years. Able, progressive, and public-spirited in a practical and intelligent way, the Genetti family has been, and is, a factor to be reckoned with in the business and civic life of the town. Their contribution to the business life of the place is self-evident, and socially, as well as in civic affairs, they occupy a high place. As time passed the Genetti business has expanded far beyond the limits of its central location and three branch stores aid in the distribution of food products. One at No. 436 South Poplar Street was established in 1919, one at 598 Altar Street, was established in 1925, and the third, at 7 West Diamond Avenue, was established in 1926. Steady expansion has been the fixed policy since the sons took charge of the business, and the firm foundations laid by the father have made possible this rapid growth. In August, 1928, the firm took over the management of the Hotel Altamont dining room, in Hazleton, and have made it one of the attractive eating places of Eastern Pennsylvania.

August H. Genetti, general manager of all departments, is also active in civic affairs; is a member of the board of directors of the People’s Savings and Trust Company and of the Hazleton Credit Bureau, and is generally known as one of the progressive citizens of the city. He is a member of Lodge No. 200, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; and of the Rotary National Club. He married Mary Daugherty [Dougherty], and they have one child, Rose Marie. He and his wife, as well as the other members of the Genetti family, are communicants of St. Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Church.



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