Sacred Heart Cemetery

Located in Weston, Luzerne Country, Pennsylvania. Many Tyroleans who immigrated from Castelfondo and Revo, villages located in the Val di Non, were laid to rest in this serene country cemetery.


Cattarina (Genetti) Genetti:
1834 – 1893
Cattarina’s maiden name and married name were both Genetti


Close-up of Cattarina’s marker. Cattarina was Damiano Genetti’s mother and the first Genetti from this branch of the family to be buried in the United States.

Joseph F. Genetti: 1874-1937Mary C. Genetti 1886-1972their son Frank 1911-2001

Joseph (Giuseppe) F. Genetti: 1874-1937
Mary C. Genetti 1886-1972
their son Frank 1911-2001


Joseph’s tombstone shows that he was a member of the fraternal organization “Woodman of the World”


Angeline (Angela) Maddalena Genetti Recla
and daughter Agnes M. Recla


Raffaele (Ralph) Recla,
husband of Angeline Genetti


Raffaele Recla
father of 6 children


Prayer on Raffaele Recla’s marker: “Di tutti i conforti religiosi rapito ahi troppo presto alla gioia di sua moglie e 6 teneri figlioletti si raccomanda alle preghiere de parenti ed amici L indimenticabile estinto”
Translation: “With all the religious comforting, the unforgettable deceased, too soon kidnapped from the joy of his wife and six cute little children, recommend his soul to the prayers of relatives and friends.”

Maria (Genetti) Zambotti: 1859 - 1937

Maria (Genetti) Zambotti: 1859 – 1937


Dionigio Genetti


Peter S. Zambotti: 1881 – 1966
Tillie C. (Genetti) Zambotti: 1890 – 1985

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