Want to buy a book on Trentino culture? How about a print of the original Genetti Family Tree? We even have mugs and cloth-bound journals with the Genetti Family Coat-of-Arms. This is the place to shop for Genetti memorabilia!

And remember, all of our suppliers (RedBubble and Amazon) offer global shipping!

We have just added several newly designed products to our family store: mugs, iPad cases, spiral notebooks and hardcover journals. Check out all of our brand new “Fun Stuff“!


Click here and see what kind of “fun stuff” you’ll find in our Genetti Family Shop!


Our Amazon Family Bookstore


Looking for information about your ancestral culture? How about a cookbook of traditional Tyrolean recipes? Or maybe you want help documenting your family story. Our Family Bookstore is well-stocked with titles personally selected just for you. All books are based on the Tyrolean/Trentino culture, providing interesting and useful information.

Selections include Trentino history, politics, culture, genealogy, food and travel. Most books can be purchased as paperbacks or Kindle ebooks. And there are even a few digital books that can be download at no charge!

Whether you want to enrich your cultural knowledge, add to your personal library or are searching for a unique title, our Family Bookstore makes it easy to find that special book!

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The Genetti Family Shop at RedBubble

RedBubble is a professional online printing company. Here you can quickly and easily order fine art prints of the “Original Genetti Family Tree” and have them shipped right to your door. Commissioned by Maria Genetti of Castelfondo, Italy and based on historical records, this beautiful work of art is available in a variety of sizes, on fine art paper (framed or unframed) or as an affordable wall poster. (Due to the detail of the Family Tree, we recommend ordering extra-large size prints or large size posters. Smaller sizes such as 16×20 or smaller will not be readable.)

Click here to purchase the “Original Genetti Family Tree”, please scroll down the RedBubble product page to see all available products for this image.

Original Genetti Coat-of-Arms

click photo to go directly to this product

Also available at RedBubble are fine art prints of the “Genetti Coat-of-Arms”. Carved in marble and mounted above the doorway of the Genetti homestead in Castelfondo, Italy, this is a unique piece of our family ancestry.

This photographic image can be purchased in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed. It is also available printed on iPhone cases, Galaxy cases, greeting cards, notebooks or hardcover journals.

Click here to purchase the “Genetti Coat-of-Arms”, please scroll down the RedBubble product page to see all available products for this image.




Antique Coat-of-Arms, framed print
click photo to go directly to this product

We have added a new selection to our RedBubble fine art prints: “Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms”. This image is a representation of an original oil painting of the Genetti Coat-of-Arms commissioned in 1957 by Leone Genetti of Hazleton, PA. Distinguished with a painterly quality, this version of our family coat-of-arms is a quality work of art that can be handed down to future generations.

The “Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms” is available in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed. It is also available printed on fabric as a luxurious chiffon scarf (see photo below).

Click here to purchase “Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms”, please scroll down the RedBubble product page to see all available products for this image.

Decorate your home today with fine art prints that represent your family heritage.

Visit the Genetti Family Shop at RedBubble!

Check for current specials on our Sales Page


DNA Testing Kits

AncestryDNA: Genetic Testingancestry-2

DNA Ancestry Test Kit, cost: $99 (Autosomal only). AncestryDNA is a DNA testing service that utilizes some of the latest autosomal testing technology to revolutionize the way you discover your family story. This service combines advanced DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource to predict your genetic ethnicity and help you find new family connections. Sold by and fulfilled by Amazon. Click here to purchase.


familytreednaFamily Tree DNA

Offers a variety of DNA testing: Autosomal, Y-chromosome, Mitochondrial and combination tests, cost range from $79 to $278 depending on the test you select. Connect with DNA cousins, understand your ethnicity, research your deep ancestry with haplogroups. Sold by Family Tree DNA and fulfilled by Family Tree DNA. Click here to purchase.


23andMe DNA Test23andme-1

Ancestry Service, Ethnic Composition, DNA Relatives, cost: $99 (Autosomal only). See how your DNA breaks out across 31 populations worldwide. Opt-in to connect with people who share DNA with you. Sold by 23andMe, Inc. and fulfilled by Amazon. Click here to purchase.



23andMe DNA Test – extended testing

Health + Ancestry Service + Haplogroups, cost: $199 (includes Autsomal, Health, Haplogroups). Includes 65+ online reports for Ancestry, Traits, Health including Wellness – Ethnic mix, connect with DNA relatives, learn your deep ancestry with haplogroups. Sold by 23andMe, Inc. and fulfilled by Amazon. Click here to purchase.


The Glassware of Gary Genetti

GaryGenetti-3Master glass artist, Gary Genetti, has generously offered to engrave glassware for family members at a discounted rate.
Click here for more info and to see samples of Gary’s etched glassware.







Your purchase helps with the cost and upkeep of this website as well as support ongoing genealogy research. Mille grazie!


Affiliate Disclaimer: In full transparency, please be aware that this blog contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission to me (at no extra cost to you!) This allows me to do what I LOVE to do, supports the costs involved with maintaining this website and helps pay the fees associated with genealogical research. Thank you to everyone who supports this family website by purchasing from our Bookstore and Family Shop. 

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