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Wyoming Genetti Family: More Descendants


Angelo Genetti

Here’s a quick update about our online family tree: Today I added ninety-four descendants to the Wyoming Genetti Family branch. This update contains all current information I have for the descendants of Angelo Genetti (1859-1946) and Teresa Annunziatta Marchetti (1858-1902).

If your immediate family is not represented in this latest update, it’s because I don’t have your personal information. To be included, please send a message on our Contact Page with your appropriate info (family names; dates of birth, marriage and death; names of spouses and children).




Teresa Annunziatta Marchetti

All total, there are now 1501 names in our ancestry index! Just a reminder – information for living family members is kept confidential on our online tree. That is why you see the word “Living” used as a first name for living descendants.

However, I also maintain an offline tree listing names and stats for all family members. Our offline tree is a growing archive for the Genetti family. This data base is always in the process of being updated with new births, marriages and the passing of elders.

Our archive is available to Genetti descendants with the verification that you are a family member. We ask that you use this information ONLY for purposes of genealogy research. Personal contact information is not included in this archive.

I am happy to generate a “Descendant Report” providing you with a 5-generation synopsis of your immediate family branch. If interested, please send me a message through our Contact Page with the ancestor’s name you would like to use as a beginning point for the report. After verifying that you are a family member, I will email you in a few days with a Descendant Report as a PDF file.

Our thanks once again to Alexandra Genetti for providing most of the statistics for the current generations of the Wyoming Genetti family. Your research and help has been invaluable!

The Wyoming Genetti Family


Angelo Genetti

I’ve spent the past month in the “zone”. That’s what happens when you’re deep in research, attempting to find pieces of your genealogy puzzle.

The Genetti Family tree is huge with many branches and multitudes of records to dig through. I love diving into century-old ledgers to tease out the truth! But to focus my concentration and patience on the task of research, I must block out everything else.

It takes weeks to complete an entire line, and so it was with the Wyoming Genetti Family. This branch has many descendants now living in California, Utah, Texas, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming and possibly still in Castelfondo, Italy. For over a year, I have attempted to tackle the extensive research required for this family, but always got sidelined with one thing or another. Last month I put my nose to the grindstone (or “mola” as it is known in Italian) and went at it nonstop.


Frank Genetti

The results: 102 new ancestor names with birth, marriage and death dates, 23 photos and 8 new generations added to the Genetti Family Online Tree! And I still have the current generations to document, plus two side branches to research before the Wyoming line is complete. Want to find the beginning of this family branch on our online tree? Search for Andrea Genetti 1597 – 1660 and follow his male descendants forward in time.

Angelo Genetti (1859-1946) was the patriarch of the modern Wyoming family. He was the first to travel to America in 1887, finding work in the coal mines of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Angelo stayed for five years, earning much needed money for his family back home. In 1892, he returned to Castelfondo, Tyrol. Between 1880 and 1899, Angelo and his wife,Teresa Annunziata Marchetti, had four sons and four daughters.


Enrico Genetti

As they grew into adults, Angelo encouraged his sons: Francesco (Frank), Enrico, Ermenegildo (Herman or Joe) and Dominico (Dominic), to seek their fortunes in America. The brothers began life as immigrants in hard-scrabble Rock Springs, living in a close-knit community of Tyroleans from the Val di Non. Soon all the brothers became United States citizens, married and began raising families on the dusty prairies of the American west.

Angelo, his wife, Teresa, and their four daughters: Maria Domenica, Anna Maria, Maria Virginia and Annunziata – all remained in Castelfondo. The girls married and had families of their own. And so Angelo’s family was split between America and Tyrol.


Herman Genetti

Eventually the children and grandchildren of the four brothers moved to other destinations in the United States. Today you’ll find their descendants living in such cities as Salt Lake City, Sonoma and Boise.

A big THANK YOU to Alexandra Genetti! An avid genealogist, Alexandra is married to Ken Genetti, the grandson of Enrico Genetti. I met Alexandra a number of years ago through Ancestry.com when I stumbled upon her Genetti family tree. We were soon corresponding and collaborating as “genealogy geeks” – a befitting term coined by Alexandra. Her family research and photos have proven to be an invaluable resource. Most of the information for the last three generations of this branch came from Alexandra and Ken. Many thanks to you both!


Dominic Genetti

FYI – Ken and I are related twice through the Genetti family: as 4th cousins, once removed and as 9th cousins, twice removed (I also think we are distantly related through the Marchetti family!). But wait – this is a story for another blog post!

As I continue to add living descendants to the Wyoming Genetti branch, I hope more cousins from this large family will email me with their own family stats. Are you a descendant of Frank, Enrico, Herman or Dominic and would like your family’s info to be included in the Genetti archive? Click on our Contact Page and send me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

Take a look at our Photograph Page – I’ve added portraits of Angelo, Teresa and their four sons to the photo archive. For more descendant portraits, check out this family in the online Genetti tree (search for Angelo Genetti). There you’ll find many portraits attached to individual descendant listings.

Watch for future posts about the Wyoming Genetti family – I have a number of interesting stories yet to share!