Wyoming Genetti Family: More Descendants


Angelo Genetti

Here’s a quick update about our online family tree: Today I added ninety-four descendants to the Wyoming Genetti Family branch. This update contains all current information I have for the descendants of Angelo Genetti (1859-1946) and Teresa Annunziatta Marchetti (1858-1902).

If your immediate family is not represented in this latest update, it’s because I don’t have your personal information. To be included, please send a message on our Contact Page with your appropriate info (family names; dates of birth, marriage and death; names of spouses and children).




Teresa Annunziatta Marchetti

All total, there are now 1501 names in our ancestry index! Just a reminder – information for living family members is kept confidential on our online tree. That is why you see the word “Living” used as a first name for living descendants.

However, I also maintain an offline tree listing names and stats for all family members. Our offline tree is a growing archive for the Genetti family. This data base is always in the process of being updated with new births, marriages and the passing of elders.

Our archive is available to Genetti descendants with the verification that you are a family member. We ask that you use this information ONLY for purposes of genealogy research. Personal contact information is not included in this archive.

I am happy to generate a “Descendant Report” providing you with a 5-generation synopsis of your immediate family branch. If interested, please send me a message through our Contact Page with the ancestor’s name you would like to use as a beginning point for the report. After verifying that you are a family member, I will email you in a few days with a Descendant Report as a PDF file.

Our thanks once again to Alexandra Genetti for providing most of the statistics for the current generations of the Wyoming Genetti family. Your research and help has been invaluable!

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