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A Blast from the Past!

Keeping up with the comings and goings of the Genetti family isn’t easy! To be in the know, I use a handy little tool called Google Alerts. Through my Google account, I enter a number of keywords into this nifty app (such as “Genetti”, “Otzi”, “Castelfondo” and “Hazleton”) and every day I receive an email with online links corresponding to that particular keyword. Often it will be a newspaper article, press release or current event that includes one of my keywords. Most of the alerts aren’t worth blogging about. But every once in awhile a fun or interesting tidbit will pop up in my inbox and I just have to share it with you.

That’s what happened on Thursday! I received a true “blast from the past” email alert in the form of an advertisement for an upscale online vintage shop in New York City.

Here’s the Google Alert:

Silver Mink Stole | Big Shawl Collar | Gus Genetti Mink Shop
Ruby Lane
Title: Silver Mink Stole | Big Shawl Collar | Gus Genetti Mink Shop | Sapphire Mink Stole |, Price: $425 USD , Category: Vintage …

This vintage mink will surely bring back memories for the Pennsylvania Genetti clan! It was an ad for an exquisite stole with the label “Gus Genetti Mink Shop”. I love coming across items like this from a family business and thought you would enjoy it too!

There’s no mention of age for the silver sapphire mink, but I would place it sometime in the early to mid-1960’s, an era when a luxury fur was a true status symbol for most American women.

Now I’m not a “fur person” but if you are so incline to purchase this lovely stole, the shop, Ruby Lane, has it priced at $425.

After a bit of research, I found a newspaper article that stated Gus Genetti Sr. (Augusto Lodovico Henry Genetti: 1892-1976) of Hazleton, Pennsylvania had a fur ranch for 35 years in Sugarloaf, PA. Known more for his hotel and restaurant establishment, Gus also opened a fur shop at his Hazleton business, Gus Genetti’s Hotel and Restaurant of Distinction, in 1956.

Here’s the link for Ruby Lane and the fabulous Genetti Mink Stole: https://www.rubylane.com/item/1234101-1171

Gus and Val Genetti Are Community Service Recipients

Congratulations to Gus and Val Genetti of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania! The Luzerne Foundation recently bestowed upon the couple a prestigious Community Service Award for their local philanthropic contributions. Here is the article from The Luzerne Foundation Annual Report:

Val & Gus Genetti: 2018 Mary Bevevino Community Service Award Recipients

From the earliest days of their marriage, Val and Gus Genetti set aside part of their income to help the community. They split their approximately $75-a-week earnings into separate jars: one earmarked for expenses such as groceries, one for baby-sitting services and one for charitable giving. “We have agreed on every gift since the beginning,” said Gus Genetti, president of Genetti Hospitality Group. The couple’s over 50 years long pattern of locally targeted philanthropy has benefited dozens of this area’s nonprofit organizations and life-enhancing projects.

Gus and Val Genetti – who are parents, hotel operators and proud Wilkes-Barre residents – are the recipients of The Luzerne Foundation’s 2018 Mary Bevevino Community Service Award. As The Foundation’s highest tribute, the award annually spotlights people whose “unwavering dedication” has made “a significant positive impact on our community.”

A former nurse, Hazleton native Val Genetti, gravitates to health-related causes. She formerly volunteered with the Red Cross Blood Center and had been on the board of the Catholic Youth Center. She continues to serve on a committee directing funds for Women and Children’s Health Initiatives.

Gus and Val Genetti, left, accept the Mary Bevevino Community Service Award from Luzerne Foundation President & CEO Charles Barber and Board Chairman Mike Weaver at the 2018 annual meeting and reception at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre on Thursday evening. Bill Tarutis | For Times Leader

Gus Genetti, also born in Hazleton, repeatedly answers the call to serve. Through the years, he has accepted leadership roles with a range of organizations, including The Luzerne Foundation, the Wilkes-Barre Rotary Club, the Osterhout Free Library, the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts, the Northeast Pennsylvania Multiple Sclerosis Society, ant the local council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Collectively, the duo’s generosity with their time and “treasure” have enriched lives. That was true when they donated to the area’s United Way precursor; and it remains the case with their support of Wyoming Valley newcomers such as Volunteers in Medicine clinic and CASA of Luzerne County.

The Genettis are the parents of six; they have eight grandchildren. Val and Gus Genetti intend for their family’s philanthropic legacy to continue. They have established two funds administered by The Luzerne Foundation. They also count themselves amoung the estate planners who belong to The Foundation’s Rusty Flack Society, ensuring their tradition of giving will go on and on.

“The giving effort has always been the same (as when we were newly married),” said Gus Genetti. “Only the amounts have changed. We’re able in the autumn of our lives to have the opportunity to give at a higher level.”

Read more about Gus and Val Genetti:

The Luzerne Foundation’s 24th Anniversary Celebration (May 10, 2018)

Times Leader: Genettis honored by Luzerne Foundation for community service (May 11, 2018)

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor

William Genetti, Morgan MacDonaldThank you to William Genetti and Morgan MacDonald for sharing photos of their recent visit to The American Immigrant Wall of Honor located on Ellis Island in New York City. The Wall of Honor is a permanent monument depicting the names of our ancestors who came to America as immigrants, traveling through Ellis Island.

Listed on the wall are William’s grandfather, Gus Genetti, and his great-grandparent’s, Damiano Genetti and Oliva Zambotti Genetti, along with great-aunts and uncles. I have to admit, this gave me a little shiver of pride to see the names of my ancestors memorialized on this wall, (Damiano and Oliva were also my great-grandparents).



Immigrant Wall of Honor


I’ve added one of William’s pics to our Photography Page – take a hop over there to browse our extensive family archive!

Interested in learning more about The American Immigrant Wall of Honor? Click here to visit the Ellis Island Foundation.

Thanks again William and Morgan. What a perfect contribution to our family archive!


Another Video in the Gallery


The Genetti Hotel & Suites in Williamsport, PA

I’ve been searching YouTube for more Genetti family videos to add to our Video page in the Gallery section of the website. So far I’ve watched a number of interesting clips that include family businesses, performers and talented artists.

The next video added to our website I found posted on the Genetti Hotel Channel on YouTube. It commemorates the 90th Anniversary of the landmark Genetti Hotel & Suites in Williamsport, Pennsylvania owned by Gus and Val Genetti. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to view.

What perfect timing – Gus Genetti was in the news on the same day I was writing this blog post! The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader published an interview with the owner of Genetti Hotel & Suites on August 9th. Stop by the newspaper’s website to read: “Behind the Business: More of life’s lessons still to learn and wisdom to impart for Gus Genetti” by Jerry Lynott.


We would love to receive more old home movies to post on our family website. Check your closets and attics! Let’s see what fun things we can discover together.