Tirolesi Alpini Honors August H. Genetti


Mr. August H. Genetti

The very prominent Mr. August H. Genetti was selected by the officers and board of directors of the Tirolesi Alpini of Hazleton, Pennsylvania for an Honorary Life Membership in the club.

President Albert DeFrancesco told his fellow officers and board members present at the meeting that Mr. Genetti was well worthy of the honor because, he is not only a “Godfather” to the Tirolesi Alpini but also he is very proud to let his people as Mr. Genetti call the Tiroleans, use his Lodge for meetings and social affairs. For this and many other favors that Mr. Genetti has done for the club we thank him most sincerely.

The Tirolesi Alpini had its beginning in the Lantern Room of the Genetti Motor Lodge on a cold wintry night of March 12, 1968.

The Lodge has been the “Home” of the Tirolesi Alpini ever since that night, we are not only happy and proud but also very grateful.

So again we say; “Mr. Genetti we thank you, and May God bless you.” And on this day of Sunday, April 29, 1973 the Fifth Anniversary of the Festa Tirolese we honor Mr. Genetti with pride and respect of the Tirolean People. Gus as he is known by all his friends was born in Castelfondo the beautiful scenic little town up high on the mountains of Val di Non Tirol, Austria, after serving in the Imperial Army of the Emperor Franz Joseph he joined his father Damiano here in America and settling in Hazleton were his father had already started a very profitable butchering business.[Webmaster Note: This is incorrect. Damiano served in the Austrian army, but Gus Sr. did not. According to military records, Gus served in the United States Army during World War I from 1917 to 1919. He had emigrated to America when he was 12 years old in 1904 obviously too young to serve in the Austrian Army.] 

That was the beginning of the Genetti’s Chain Stores that were opened and operated all over the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, from food stores he went into hotel and motel business in Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Genetti also owned a mink breeding ranch and operated an exclusive Mink Fur Shop. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Peoples First National Bank and Trust Company of Hazleton, Pennsylvania and also is Vice-Chairman of the Board of the same bank.

(Excerpt from a program produced by The Tirolese Alpini of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, circa 1968)

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