News from Castelfondo

I’ve been corresponding recently with Chiara Dalle Nogare, one of our Italian cousins. She is on holiday right now with her mother, and three aunts (the Genetti sisters) in Castelfondo. Chiara sent some very interesting news from the village that I wanted to share with you.

Chiara wrote:

“You may have heard of the dramatic situation of people from Siria and many parts of Africa crossing the Mediterranean packed in wrecks (victims of cruel people asking a lot of money for the service) to land in Sicily. Many of them die in the sea or suffocate, it is a real tragedy. Survivors are distributed among the different Italian regions. 63 of them are now hosted in Castelfondo’s hostel. So there is a new multi-ethnic dimension this year to the local community. Migration stories again.”

This story was also broadcast through local news on Cinformi. You can view their YouTube video that was taped inside San Nicolo church at:

It completely warmed my heart to see such acceptance and empathy by the people of Castelfondo for refugees that had lost everything. Thank you Chiara for sending us this news!

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