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Our International Family

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The current spread of the coronavirus has everyone on edge! Trips are being canceled, quarantines have been put in place and safe health recommendations are now the norm.

Our cousins and friends in Trentino-Alto Adige live in an area with many confirmed cases, but no confirmed deaths at this point. Although not in “The Red Zone”, (Veneto to the east and Lombardy to the west) they are facing many restrictions to daily life. As of yesterday, a quarter of Italy’s population has been put under mandatory quarantine in an effort to slow and contain the virus. Schools are closed, travel suspended and people are telecommuting from home.

To our extended family and many friends in Italy, we are thinking of you! Your American cousins hold you in our hearts and hope that all will come through this pandemic safe and in good health.

Invio di abbracci ai nostri cugini (sending hugs to our cousins).

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Reunion Auction of Genetti Art Glass


Rose Geometric Bowl
by Gary Genetti
10″ x 7″

How cool is this – we have a beautiful piece of art glass by master glassblower, Gary Genetti, to auction off during our family reunion! This exquisitely crafted rose-colored bowl has been generously donated by another cousin, Jeanne Genetti Murphy. Jeanne would like the money raised from the sale of Gary’s art, to go towards future Genetti reunions.

At the age of ninety-two, Jeanne is a first generation American. Her parents were Faustino Genetti and Matilda Turri, both born in Castelfondo, Tyrol. Faustino immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1921 and Matilda soon followed.

I have enjoyed several wonderful conversations with Jeanne since she first contacted me in June via email. Gary and Jeanne met at the Philadelphia Craft Show where the artist was exhibiting. It must have been a surprise to both that they shared the same Tyrolean surname! Jeanne and Gary became friends, exchanging stories of their Genetti heritage. (Gary is a descendant of the Illinois Genetti clan.) Jeanne purchased “Rose Geometric Bowl” directly from the artist and it has been a cherished keepsake in her home for many years.

JeanneMurphy1945-cIn July, Jeanne’s son and grandson were driving through New Mexico and gave me a call. We met for a lively lunch and all enjoyed the company of new-found cousins. Thank you Daniel and Jeremiah! It was a pleasure meeting you in-person. I hope to see you both again in the future.

Jeanne also sent me this lovely photo of herself at the age of twenty-one. What a beautiful lady!

Getting back to our auction piece, let me tell you about our talented cousin, Gary Genetti. Gary’s art glass has been exhibited in many galleries and prestigious craft venues. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. and has been featured on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.

GaryGenettiBio of international glass artist Gary Genetti:

From “Gary Genetti has been designing and making glass art for over 20 years. Genetti received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and graphics from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. In 1978 He began his apprenticeship in a production glass studio and in 1980 established his own studio in rural Warwick, NY.

“When Gary Genetti first started blowing as an apprentice to a local glass maker in Warwick, New York, he felt an immediate connection to the material. Hypnotized by the beauty of the process, he would work all day, then practice blowing glass at night. After opening his own studio he started merging an Italian process called ‘incalmo’; in which partially blown sections of different colored glass are joined while still hot with sandblast etched motifs that recall ancient Greek and Roman pottery. ‘The glass is layered during the blowing with various colors and when cool, the piece is etched to reveal that hidden beauty,'”

A few months ago, when Jeanne first contacted us about the donation, Bill Genetti’s response to me was perfect. He mused how amazing it was that a Genetti descendant was donating a work of art created by another Genetti to a Genetti family reunion where it will be purchased by yet another Genetti descendant to help finance future reunions for more Genetti descendants! I couldn’t agree more – what an astounding cycle of giving back by cousins! (For those of you who don’t know, Bill is from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania Genetti family. He has been organizing Genetti Family Reunions for the past 30 years! Many thanks Bill for bringing our family together.)

Our deepest thanks to Jeanne Genetti Murphy for her very generous donation. We welcome you and your family as new-found cousins!

And thank you Gary Genetti – your amazing masterpieces are part of the collective Genetti Family legacy.

Make sure you bring your check books to Reunion Weekend – I’m sure there will be several family members bidding on Gary’s beautiful art glass!

Want to know more about Gary Genetti, visit his website at:

Reunion Updates

Update: The Basics of DNA Testing

DNAhelixWe have received several requests from non-family members who would like to attend our Saturday afternoon workshop: “The Basics of DNA Testing“. So due to “popular demand” we have decided to open the workshop to the community with a small admission fee.

Have a friend who might benefit from this lively, interactive workshop? Please invite them and share the following info:

If you are NOT a Genetti descendant but live in the Hazleton area and would like to learn more about DNA testing, there is an admission fee of $10 to attend the afternoon workshop. Reservations are required with a deadline of September 15th (for workshop only). To make reservations, please click here for the Workshop Reservation Form.  Have questions? Click here for our online Contact Form.

If you are a Genetti descendant, attending the reunion weekend and have made a reservation for the evening Banquet Dinner, the Saturday workshop and after-dinner presentation are included in your reservation fee (there is no additional charge or reservation needed for either presentation with the purchase of your banquet dinner).

TreeSmallUpdate: Reunion Sponsors

Thank you to the generous people and companies who have supported Genetti Family Reunion 2016! Your donations and in-kind gifts are most appreciated. Click here to visit our new Reunion Sponsor page.


XmasOrnamentUpdate: Reunion Prizes

Stop by and see all of the goodies donated to our Reunion Weekend. You’re sure to walk away with some super Genetti “swag”. Click here to see Reunion Prizes.




The reservation deadline is fast approaching! All reservations for Reunion activities must be in by September 1st! Visit our Reunion News! page for more info. Click here to download your 2016 Genetti Reunion Reservation Form.


Genetti Family Reunion 2016

Genetti Reunion

Group from Reunion 1992. Seated: Rick Eshelman, Art Young, Stephen Farkus. Standing: Sandra Farkus Eshelman, Elaine Young, Rita Genetti Young, Paul B. Genetti, Catherine Genetti Farkus, Ann McNelis, Barbara Genetti.
Photo courtesy of Sandra Farkus Eshelman.

Yes, the info for Reunion 2016 is finally up on our website! I have created an entire page just for our Genetti Family Reunion to be held October 7-9 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Our thanks to Bill Genetti for all of his hard work in scheduling this event!

On this page you’ll find a weekend itinerary for our gathering of Genetti descendants, a reunion reservation form and info on special room rates for area hotels.

Plus we have a unique way for everyone to participate in Reunion 2016. Whether you plan to attend or can’t make the trip, you can still be a part of the festivities by completing our online descendant questionnaires. Created by Bill Genetti, the two forms are a fun way to share family history and add to our growing Genetti archive. They can be completed by any Genetti descendant here in the United State or elsewhere – as long as your family roots originated in Castelfondo, Italy (Tyrol).

Make sure to check the Reunion News page for future updates to programs, etc. You can find “Renuion News!” at the top of every page on our website through a link in the primary menu. I’ve also added a link to this page in our website’s right hand column along with a nifty calendar countdown to reunion weekend.

Click here for the direct link to Reunion 2016: A Gathering of Genetti Descendants.

I look forward to receiving your Descendant History Questionnaires.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see all of my cousins in October!

See You in October!

Reunion-3smallIt’s family reunion time! Have you saved the dates? Make sure you mark your calendar for the 2016 Genetti Family Reunion: October 7th, 8th and 9th to take place in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Bill Genetti has once again generously volunteered to manage all of the details for our fun-filled weekend of family hobnobbing, feasting and sharing.

We will soon post a new page on our website just for Reunion 2016 to keep you up-to-date with the itinerary, lecture info, times, places and costs. An email will also be sent to all family members on our mailing list with registration information for the Reunion weekend. Not sure if you’re on the list? Go to our Contact Page and send me a message with your name and email address in the Comment section.


Raffaele and Lucia Genetti with family, 1916

Since our website launched two years ago, cousins have contacted me from all branches of our extensive family. And of course, I’m always thrilled to meet a new cousin! How exciting it would be to have members from every part of the Genetti Family attending the reunion in Hazleton! So if your clan hails from Wyoming, Illinois, Michigan, California, Texas, Utah or Italy – we look forward to meeting you in Pennsylvania! All Genetti descendants are welcome!

Not to spill the beans … but we’re working on two super-exciting activities: a workshop about DNA genealogy and a lecture on the first Genetti ancestors to settled in America (this includes all branches of the family!). Stay tune for more details as they become available.

I hope to see you in October!


Genetti Family Reunion!

Damiano Genetti and four sons

Damiano Genett and his four sons

Mark your calendars and save the date!

I just received confirmation from Bill Genetti – we will be having a Genetti Family Reunion this year! The weekend is October 7-9, to be held at the Genetti Ballrooms in Hazleton, PA. All Genetti descendants are welcome!

Festivities will include a Friday night pizza party, Saturday afternoon program, Saturday evening cocktail hour/dinner with a guest speaker, and Sunday farewell gathering. Watch this website for details and booking information as it is made available.

Raffaele Genetti and Family 1916

Raffaele and Lucia Genetti with family, 1916

We are hoping for a large turnout of cousins from all branches of the family. Whether your name is Genetti, Lingousky, Recla, Bott, Reich or Zambotti – from the United States or Italy – you are invited as long as you are a Genetti descendant. And please feel free to share this post with other cousins.

Come to Pennsylvania in October! Meet new cousins, share stories and learn about your family ancestry!

I Have Returned


Louise and Michael at Stonehenge

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. My husband and I have been traveling for the past month, exploring the tiny island country of Malta with a stop-over in the UK. The trip was packed with history and culture! During our adventure we managed to see six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in two countries: Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, the Tower of London, City of Valletta – Malta, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, and the Megalithic Temples of Malta.



Salisbury Cathedral

While in England we witnessed a beautiful sunset in front of Buckingham Palace, took a boat ride down the Thames, climbed the steeple of Salisbury Cathedral, saw the tombs of British monarchy at Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle, hiked the grounds around Stonehenge, and even saw an original copy of the Magna Carta.

A short plane ride from London, we spent three weeks in Malta – an exotic, ancient land. The country contains the oldest stone structures in the world! There are Roman ruins, the grotto of Saint Paul, early Christian catacombs, medieval walled cities, extravagant cathedrals and, of course, the Knights of Malta.




St. John’s Co-Cathedral of the
Knights of Malta


The city of Valletta, Malta








Also known as the Knights Hospitallers and the Order of St. John, the Knights of Malta actually have a connection to our family village of Castelfondo, Trentino. Throughout the centuries, the noble family of Thun, owners of the 12th century Castello di Castelfondo located on a hill above the town, have had several family members inducted into the Knights of Malta. There was even a Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta from the Thun family who hailed from Trento and the Val di Non, Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein (1850-1931). It was exciting to visit their ornately decorated churches, walk the battlements around the Knights’ fortified city of Valletta and be transported back in time.

It’s wonderful to explore the world, but also comforting to return home. When I’m gone, I miss the thrill of the genealogy hunt, searching archives for our ancestors and bringing their stories to life in my blog posts.

While I was away, we had another leaf added to our family tree! Jameson Michael Quinn is the great-great-great grandson of Angela Maddalena Genetti and Raffael Recla. Congratulations to the family and thank you to Jameson’s grandmother, Vicki Simpson Underwood, for keeping me up-to-date with her branch of the family. Vicki is my 3rd cousin – we share 2nd great-grandparents Leone and Cattarina Genetti.

And a shout out to a new cousin, Donna Recla Lemke, another 3rd cousin from the same Genetti line (and Vicki’s 1st cousin). Donna is now in the process of sending me information so we can update her branch of the tree too. While adding Donna’s info, I found out we grew up just miles from each other in the Buffalo/Western New York area. What a small world!

As I added little Jameson to our archive, I ran a few calculations. I believe we are now in the 18th generation of our Genetti line beginning with Pietro (1461) who is the first person on the family tree. Pietro was born approximately 100 years before baptismal records were documented. However, there is evidence in the historical record that our family began much earlier in 1265, long before documentation was being kept for anyone other than nobility or popes. If we assume there is an average of three generations born during each century, that would calculate to six generations of undocumented ancestors just in our direct branch alone. That adds up to 24 generations of the Genetti family spanning seven and a half centuries. Of course, those early six generations also had multiple descendants, creating a broader family base and several lines separate from ours. I know of at least three different branches that are not a part of our original tree, but who are most likely related to us prior to the establishment of baptismal records.

In a future blog post we’ll talk about the roots of the Genetti tree planted in 1265.

Ciao for now!

Felice Anno Nuovo

New Year's Eve Celebration 1955

New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Genetti Ballroom located in the Genetti Food Center, N. Laurel St. in Hazleton. Year: 1955. The gentleman wearing a bow tie is Stanley Genetti, one of the four Genetti brothers of Hazleton, PA.

Looking back on 2015, it has been an amazing year of exploration into our shared genealogy! So many new discoveries, so many new cousins! I feel truly grateful to everyone who has supported our family website/blog. Thank you for your contributions in the form of research, photographs, emails and encouragement (and yes – sometimes even monetarily). Your support has helped grow our website into an amazing resource for Tyrolean families throughout the world. Mille grazie!

At the end of each year, WordPress (the hosting company for our website/blog) compiles an Annual Report with stats on how we did during the past twelve months. Here are a few details from 2015:

  • Our blog was viewed about 9,400 times in 2015.
  • 89 new photographs were uploaded in 2015 (about 2 photos per week).
  • On our busiest day, August 27th, we had 140 views of the website.
  • We’ve had visitors from 86 countries!
  • Most visitors came from: The United States, Italy and Brazil.

As we bid farewell to 2015, here are a few words from our ancestors in the form of Tyrolean proverbs (courtesy of Filo Magazine: A Journal for Tyrolean Americans):

Dialect: Chi che vol ben viver, l’toghe i mondo come l’ven.
English: He who wishes to live well, should take life day-by-day.

Dialect: Chi è stret di man, l’è stret di cor.
English: He who is tight with his hand is tight with his heart.

Dialect (Val di Non): Col tem e la paia s’è Madura achja I nespoli.
English: With the passage of time and with patience, all things mature.

Buon anno a tutti!



Finding Family News and Interesting Cousins with Google Alerts

You’re probably wondering how I find family news to post on our genealogy website. With thousands of Genetti descendants living throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Australia – it’s not easy. Sometimes family members send me email updates, other times I see newsy posts on FaceBook from relatives I have “friended”. Another technique I like to use for “staying in the know” and discovering new Genetti cousins is Google Alerts. Through my Google account, I’ve set up an “Alert” for the word “Genetti”. When Google searches the web and finds current news or relevant publications containing the word “Genetti” in the text, I receive an email with a link to the online story. If I think the information is newsworthy and it also pertains to a Genetti descendant, I’ll pass it on to you in the form of a blog post.


Photo from

That’s how I found this interesting article, “Tiny Houses, Big Plans” about LightWorks, a community-based company created by Frank Genetti. The Google Alert for this article showed up a few days ago in my email inbox. I won’t go into details, since you can read the article for yourself, but here’s the gist of it: Frank Genetti has a plan to help the homeless and change the world – one tiny house at a time. I love this concept and the mission he has created for addressing positive, self-sustaining and lasting social change. That’s why I’m sharing it with you today as a blog post. Without going into my own personal philosophy, I believe it’s important to give back to the community and Frank is doing just that.

But before I could post this article, I needed to find out – who is Frank Genetti and is he related to our family? I had not heard of this gentleman, so it was necessary to find a few clues before beginning the investigative process.

The article states: “A former golden boy running back at Cal-Berkeley who then went into business and lived the high life in California, Genetti eventually came back to earth. With a thud. Personal and family issues nearly consumed him. Cancer coursing through his body almost killed him. But through it all, he’s emerged a deeply spiritual man whose focus is squarely on others.” Wow – that was an amazing, short description that told me a lot about Frank. But was he actually related to the Genetti clan from Castelfondo, Italy?

The Genetti Family Tree

The Genetti Family Tree

I knew exactly who to contact. Five years ago I met a fellow genealogist through named Alexandra Genetti. Her husband, Michael, is a descendant of the Genetti family who originally emigrated  from Castelfondo to Wyoming. His family then moved on to California. If you look at the original family tree pictured here, you’ll find the branch of the Wyoming Genettis in the lower right corner. I knew Alexandra was an amazing genealogist who had thoroughly researched her husband’s family and had shared information with me in the past. If Frank was related to the California Genettis, Alexandra would know. I sent her an email request for info and within a day I had my answer.

TreeCloseupYes, Frank Genetti was related to the Wyoming/California branch of the Genettis. His grandfather was Francesco Giacinto Genetti, brother to Michael’s grandfather, Enrico Genetti. Their family patriarch was Angelo Genetti (1859 – 1946 ) born in Castelfondo, Austria (Italy). Frank and Michael share great-grandparents, Angelo and Teresa Marchetti, making them 2nd cousins.

Unfortunately, I have yet to research this branch of the Genettis and their information still needs to be added to our online family tree. They trace their roots back to the very first main branches, where our tree splits between two brothers: Pietro (born 1594) and Andrea (born 1597). My ancestors originate through Pietro’s branch and the Wyoming Genetti clan are descendants of Andrea Genetti. I certainly have it on my to-do list to tackle this large section of our tree! Particularly since I have also found at least two intermarriages between this branch of the family and mine. (Many thanks to Alexandra for her meticulous research.)

And so we would like to welcome cousin Frank Genetti and applaud your vision for creating a better world! I hope we hear from you soon, along with more information about your uplifting endeavors.

To read the article “Tiny House, Big Plans” – click here!

Remember to “like” our family page on FaceBook – click here!

Learn more about Alexandra Genetti: artist, author and expert on the Tarot – click here!

And if you are a Genetti descendant and would like to friend me, I can be found on FaceBook under the name “Louise Genetti Roach”.

You can order your own copy of the original Genetti Family Tree at our online shop – click here!

Vice President at Genetti Manor, PA

Photo from PA homepage.

Photo from PA homepage.

This interesting bit of news came through my Google Alerts yesterday. Vice President Joe Biden (a Scranton, PA native), was invited to speak at the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick dinner held at the Genetti Manor in Dickson City, PA on the evening of March 17th. The Genetti Manor is owned and run by Gus Genetti.

Click here to see the local news broadcast of this event.