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Bill Genetti in the News

BillGenetti2012Our very special congratulations to Bill Genetti of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I’m sure most of you know Bill for his kind generosity, as the owner of Best Western Genetti Inn and Suites in Hazleton, as our family genealogist, and as the organizer of our Genetti Family Reunions. After 65 years in the hotel and banquet business, Bill is finally ready to retire. According to several recent newspaper articles and a wonderful news video, Bill has sold the hotel portion of his business. The catering and banquet end of Genetti’s will be taken over by his son, Patrick.

Congratulations Bill! The Genetti family owes you a great debt of gratitude for all you have accomplished and given. We wish you many happy years of retirement!

To read the full story and see the newscast, click here.   

Back home

StatsFeb172015I’m back home in Santa Fe, New Mexico after our excursion to Australia. As always, visiting another culture offered a new view of the world and confirms just how much people are alike. I am so grateful that my husband and I are able to travel and make friends wherever we go.

This trip gave us many opportunities to chat and establish friendships. Along the way we conversed with people from Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, the USA, and of course, Australia. We also discovered many Italians in Australia on work visas. It was a joy to strike up a friendly conversation with someone from Milan, Verona or Bolzano, ask them about their home town and share our own travels in Italy. I now have several new friends on FaceBook who originate from different points of the globe. Who would have thought a decade ago that we could post our thoughts on a website and have comments left by friends living in five different countries! Amazing!

While I was away, our website was busy. The stats show many new visitors, as well as return viewers, who have checked-out The Genetti Family Genealogy Project during the past six weeks. Thank you to all new family members from around the world who have stumbled upon our little website. During my trip I received emails from two distant cousins and one 2nd cousin through the Genetti Family website. Over on, I’ve had two close DNA matches with people related to me through Genetti ancestors – one I believe to be a third cousin. For a genealogy geek, this is exciting stuff! Now it’s time to get down to work, dig into my archives and find out how each person fits into our family tree. So Marcel, Ann R., Brian, Mary and Ann T. thank you for writing and I feel privileged to be a part of your genealogy journey. I will be emailing you individually with the results of my research. This info will then be added to the online Genetti family tree.

Now if I can just get over this jet lag …

New Print Shop!

The Genetti Family Tree

The Genetti Family Tree

Yes, we now have a new Print Shop available as part of The Genetti Family Genealogy Project. During the past four months I have had several requests for copies of the Genetti Family Tree. The original artwork for the tree was commissioned by Maria Genetti of Castelfondo, Italy. Since only a few family members in the United States have a direct reproduction of this large and detail work of art, it has proven difficult to acquire a copy.

I am now happy to announce that prints of the original tree are now available through this website! With Maria’s consent, I have digitally copied the image and formatted it for reproduction. To allow for easy ordering, reasonable pricing and direct shipping, I’ve partnered with Redbubble. This is a reputable commercial online printer who will handle all production, framing and shipping through its simple-to-use online store. To order, just go to Shop on The Genetti Family Genealogy Project website and scroll down to the image of the tree, click the link and you will be taken to our portfolio on RedBubble. Or just click here!

The Genetti Family Coat-of-Arms in Castelfondo, Italy.

The Genetti Family Coat-of-Arms in Castelfondo, Italy.

I have also made available as part of the portfolio two additional prints: The Genetti Coat-of-Arms and the fresco from the Genetti homestead. Both of these images are original photographs (created by me!) and formatted for a variety of sizes. Prints can be purchased framed or unframed, in several finishes, as posters and as cards.

Due to the detail of the Family Tree I highly recommend only purchasing this image as: an Art Print in the Large and Extra Large sizes; a Photographic print in the Large size; or a Poster in the Medium or Large sizes.

With Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure a print of The Genetti Family Tree would be the perfect gift for someone in your family.


Disclosure: All products for sale on this website are provided and shipped by third party companies. I am an affiliate for these companies and use affiliate links from Amazon, Cafe Press and RedBubble. My compensation is a small percentage of the sales made through these links. Proceeds from sales helps to support the cost of this website and continuing genealogy research. 


Featured on GeneaBloggers

The Genetti Family Genealogy Project was featured today on the GeneaBloggers’  website: New Genealogy Blogs 23 August 2014. Click here to see the post!

GeneaBloggers is described as “the ultimate site for your genealogy blog”. The site has a huge index of family genealogy blogs and also offers resources for bloggers. It’s a great way to get the word out about our website.

And speaking about getting the word out, you can help the The Genetti Family Genealogy Project grow by emailing the website address and FaceBook page to other family members. The goal of our project is to share our family history and culture, and connect with Genetti descendants throughout the world. To do that we need participation! So tell one and all to visit, subscribe to our blog posts and “like” our FaceBook page. We are also looking for family photos, stories and recipes to post on the website. Mille Grazie!

Website URL:

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News from Castelfondo

I’ve been corresponding recently with Chiara Dalle Nogare, one of our Italian cousins. She is on holiday right now with her mother, and three aunts (the Genetti sisters) in Castelfondo. Chiara sent some very interesting news from the village that I wanted to share with you.

Chiara wrote:

“You may have heard of the dramatic situation of people from Siria and many parts of Africa crossing the Mediterranean packed in wrecks (victims of cruel people asking a lot of money for the service) to land in Sicily. Many of them die in the sea or suffocate, it is a real tragedy. Survivors are distributed among the different Italian regions. 63 of them are now hosted in Castelfondo’s hostel. So there is a new multi-ethnic dimension this year to the local community. Migration stories again.”

This story was also broadcast through local news on Cinformi. You can view their YouTube video that was taped inside San Nicolo church at:

It completely warmed my heart to see such acceptance and empathy by the people of Castelfondo for refugees that had lost everything. Thank you Chiara for sending us this news!

We are online!


Louise Genetti Roach with Andrea Cologna and historian Marco Romano in Castelfondo.

The Genetti Family Genealogy Project just went live! It has been an intense couple of months compiling information and setting up this website, but it is finally online and ready to share. I’ll be sending out invites by email and through Face Book during the next week. If you would like to spread the word, please pass our website link on to other family members and invite them to visit:

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed information and photos to this project. In particular, I would like to thank Bill Genetti of Hazleton, PA; brothers Larry Genetti of Philadelphia, PA and Ralph Genetti of Copley, Ohio; Marco and Claudio Genetti of Fondo, Italy; historian Marco Romano also of Fondo, Italy; Andrea Cologna of Castelfondo, Italy; and Pam from the Santa Fe, New Mexico Family History Center. Thank you for your immeasurable help and patience. This website would not have been possible without your assistance.


Louise Genetti Roach and Bill Genetti at last family reunion held in Hazelton, PA 2012.

And to the hundreds (maybe thousands!) of Genetti descendants scattered throughout the world, I look forward to meeting and corresponding with you via this website and blog. Send me your photos, stories, tributes and family trees. I will find a place for them here at The Genetti Genealogy Project.

With warm regards ~ Louise Genetti Roach