Sale on Family Tree Prints!

Genetti Family Tree

Family Tree

Our printing company (Redbubble) that provides the Genetti family tree prints found in our online shop, will be holding a sale on Sunday, January 17 through Monday, January 18.

Want to hang a beautiful ancestral family tree on your wall? Or give it as a gift to your own descendants? Now’s the time to take advantage of this great sale!

Redbubble is offering 15% off of all products, Jan. 17th and 18th. Just use the checkout code GEEKOUT when you place your order to receive this super 15% discount! Don’t miss out!

The discount applies to all family tree prints, fine art prints of our family coat-of-arms and even beautiful scarves printed with the Genetti crest.

Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Here are a few of our Redbubble products:

Original Genetti Family Tree Poster

Antique Coat-of-Arms Framed Print

Coat-of-Arms Antique Scarf

Original Genetti Coat-of-Arms Framed Print

Have questions! Feel free to email me at:

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