What’s New in the Genetti Shop?

output_miceltIf you haven’t visited our Genetti Family Shop in awhile, I have revamped the store, deleted some products and added a few things that I know you’ll really enjoy.

Our mugs have been newly designed with several distinctive styles to choose from. Also new to our selection are iPad cases, spiral notebooks and hardcover journals. The shop itself has been pared-down and simplified to make shopping easier. And now all of our products (family tree prints, mugs, etc.) are produced by RedBubble as I feel their quality is superior to other printing companies. Click here to visit The Genetti Family Shop at RedBubble.

Don’t miss out on our family history DVD, “The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America.” Professionally filmed during Reunion 2016, this limited edition DVD is available through Bill Genetti. Visit our Shop for ordering details.

familytreeguidetodnaOur Amazon Family Bookstore has also grown with new book selections about DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy. This exciting avenue of research has opened up many possibilities for cousin matching, identifying ethnicity and understanding our inherited DNA. Visit our Bookstore and expand your horizons!



ancestry-2And more exciting news, you can now order DNA testing kits through our website store! If you’re a novice or an expert at DNA testing, we offer a large variety of kits to suit your genetic goal, available from three major testing companies: Ancestry.com, FamilyTree DNA and 23andMe. All three companies offer the standard Autosomal kit ranging in price from $79 to $99. Want to delve deeper into your ancient ancestry or get a personal health report? You can find that here too! More extensive tests are available in our store from FamilyTree DNA and 23andMe. Click here and scroll through our shop page for DNA Testing Kits.

Want to learn more about DNA? Check out our new page: DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy. Here you’ll learn the basics, plus get some helpful links to additional information.

Start 2017 with a special gift to yourself! Shop at the Genetti Family Store for unique items – and remember, every purchase helps support this website and ongoing family research.

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