Summer Reading

During these lazy, hot summer days adhering to quarantine regulations, it’s the perfect time for a good book and a tall glass of ice tea sitting in the shade of the patio. During the past four months of isolation I have devoured dozens of books, enjoying the solitude to partake of my favorite pastime of reading.

For your reading pleasure, I have just updated our Genetti Family Bookstore with many new titles about Tyrolean culture, genealogy sleuthing, DNA research and loads of great genealogy mystery fiction.

Our bookstore has been curated specifically for those interested in Trentini ancestry and genealogical exploration. At last count, we had 81 titles listed (of which, many I have personally read)!

Come on by and browse our online shelves. I guarantee you’ll find something to tickle your imagination, whether it be fiction, true-life stories or help with your ancestral research.

For the past year I have also been working on several NPE cases (non-parental events) or in other terms, adoptees in search of their birth families. So my reading selections have steered in this direction, self-educating myself in the best way to help those with unknown parentage. By the way, all of the NPE cases I am currently involved with are my DNA cousins from various ancestral lines. Many of these books about genetic genealogy have been included in our family bookstore.

I wish all of my cousins a safe and healthy summer!

To visit the Genetti Family Bookstore, click here!

  2 comments for “Summer Reading

  1. July 13, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    What a great book selection, Louise! I thought I had an extensive selection of Tyrolean books, but you have some that I will definitely purchase for my collection. I make sure to buy some books every time I visit my cousins in Vigo Ton – Val di Non, but God knows when I’ll get there next. So you’re book store is a great alternative. I missed out on ordering the 2020 Nones Calender this year, so maybe you can add that to your 2021 inventory.

    • L.Roach
      July 13, 2020 at 1:34 pm

      Thanks John! Glad I could be of help. I own many of the Tyrolean books that I have listed and have been collecting them for 10 years. I’ll look into the Nones Calender. Is it available online or at Amazon? Thanks for the suggestion.

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