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Reunion Photos and more!

Reunion 2016

Reunion 2016 – please click for a larger view

Thank you to all who made the journey last week to Hazleton! We had a packed house with a total of 152 attendees at the Saturday evening banquet. I hope you had as much fun as I did – meeting new cousins and sharing stories with lots of hugs to go around. I will certainly remember this reunion with fond memories.

Make sure you visit the Reunion page on our website: https://genettifamily.com/reunion-news/. It has been updated with photos from our family weekend. Want to share your own reunion pics? Please email photos with captions to: info.genetti.family@gmail.com. Let’s share our reunion with cousins throughout the world by adding lots of fun candid photographs to this page. Our special thanks to Patricia Genetti (who did all of our table photos), Diane Genetti (who organized our group photo) and Valeria Genetti Bozek (who photographed candid pics of the Saturday presentations). Your contributions allowed us to have photographs online by Saturday evening!

Thanks to Patricia Genetti, we now have a Facebook public group page where our reunion photos were quickly posted. If you are a member of Facebook, click here to go to the “Genetti Family” public group page – and join! As of today, the page has 92 members.

If you missed our Saturday evening program, “The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America” we have good news! Bill Genetti had the presentation professionally videotaped and it will soon be produced for sale as a DVD. This presentation will make a fantastic Christmas gift for family members or a historic memento to pass down to future generations.

To order, please send a check for $15 (includes shipping) to:

Bill Genetti (address your check to Bill Genetti)
1345 N. Church St.
Hazle Township, PA 18202

Due to the cost, only a limited number of DVDs are being produced. So don’t delay, order your reunion presentation DVD today!

Genetti Family Tree

Family Tree

And one final note, if you are interested in purchasing a Genetti Family Tree Print, a print of our Coat-of-Arms or a beautiful printed chiffon scarf (one of our many reunion door prizes) you’re in luck. The company that provides our fine art prints (Redbubble) is offering us a one day sale of 20% off on all items through the Redbubble store. This offer is for the Genetti family only (not for the general public)! Hurry – the offer is only valid on Monday, October 17th!!!

Please use the unique coupon code of:
twentyoff-GenettiFamily when checking out. You must place your order by midnight, October 17th to receive the 20% discount.

Here is the Redbubble link to our family page where you will find all of our fine art print products: http://www.redbubble.com/people/genettifamily

You can also find Redbubble Fine Art prints at:
Genetti Family Shop page: https://genettifamily.com/shop-2/

Once again, many thanks to everyone who attended and participated in Reunion weekend!

Reunion Auction of Genetti Art Glass


Rose Geometric Bowl
by Gary Genetti
10″ x 7″

How cool is this – we have a beautiful piece of art glass by master glassblower, Gary Genetti, to auction off during our family reunion! This exquisitely crafted rose-colored bowl has been generously donated by another cousin, Jeanne Genetti Murphy. Jeanne would like the money raised from the sale of Gary’s art, to go towards future Genetti reunions.

At the age of ninety-two, Jeanne is a first generation American. Her parents were Faustino Genetti and Matilda Turri, both born in Castelfondo, Tyrol. Faustino immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1921 and Matilda soon followed.

I have enjoyed several wonderful conversations with Jeanne since she first contacted me in June via email. Gary and Jeanne met at the Philadelphia Craft Show where the artist was exhibiting. It must have been a surprise to both that they shared the same Tyrolean surname! Jeanne and Gary became friends, exchanging stories of their Genetti heritage. (Gary is a descendant of the Illinois Genetti clan.) Jeanne purchased “Rose Geometric Bowl” directly from the artist and it has been a cherished keepsake in her home for many years.

JeanneMurphy1945-cIn July, Jeanne’s son and grandson were driving through New Mexico and gave me a call. We met for a lively lunch and all enjoyed the company of new-found cousins. Thank you Daniel and Jeremiah! It was a pleasure meeting you in-person. I hope to see you both again in the future.

Jeanne also sent me this lovely photo of herself at the age of twenty-one. What a beautiful lady!

Getting back to our auction piece, let me tell you about our talented cousin, Gary Genetti. Gary’s art glass has been exhibited in many galleries and prestigious craft venues. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. and has been featured on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.

GaryGenettiBio of international glass artist Gary Genetti:

From www.genettiglass.com: “Gary Genetti has been designing and making glass art for over 20 years. Genetti received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and graphics from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. In 1978 He began his apprenticeship in a production glass studio and in 1980 established his own studio in rural Warwick, NY.

“When Gary Genetti first started blowing as an apprentice to a local glass maker in Warwick, New York, he felt an immediate connection to the material. Hypnotized by the beauty of the process, he would work all day, then practice blowing glass at night. After opening his own studio he started merging an Italian process called ‘incalmo’; in which partially blown sections of different colored glass are joined while still hot with sandblast etched motifs that recall ancient Greek and Roman pottery. ‘The glass is layered during the blowing with various colors and when cool, the piece is etched to reveal that hidden beauty,'”

A few months ago, when Jeanne first contacted us about the donation, Bill Genetti’s response to me was perfect. He mused how amazing it was that a Genetti descendant was donating a work of art created by another Genetti to a Genetti family reunion where it will be purchased by yet another Genetti descendant to help finance future reunions for more Genetti descendants! I couldn’t agree more – what an astounding cycle of giving back by cousins! (For those of you who don’t know, Bill is from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania Genetti family. He has been organizing Genetti Family Reunions for the past 30 years! Many thanks Bill for bringing our family together.)

Our deepest thanks to Jeanne Genetti Murphy for her very generous donation. We welcome you and your family as new-found cousins!

And thank you Gary Genetti – your amazing masterpieces are part of the collective Genetti Family legacy.

Make sure you bring your check books to Reunion Weekend – I’m sure there will be several family members bidding on Gary’s beautiful art glass!

Want to know more about Gary Genetti, visit his website at: http://genettiglass.com/

Reunion Deadline Reminder

Reunion-3smallHey everyone, just a quick reminder – reservations for our Genetti Family Reunion (Oct. 7-9) must be in by this Thursday, September 1st! If you haven’t already mailed your completed reservation form with check, you must do it today!

If you are not a member of the Genetti Family, but would like to attend the Saturday afternoon workshop, “The Basics of DNA Testing”, please complete and mail the Afternoon Workshop Reservation Form. We welcome all members of the community to this special interactive workshop.

I just heard from Bill Genetti in Hazleton, and from the reservations we have already received, over 100 family members from all over the United States are expected to attend reunion weekend! It looks like every branch of the American Genetti family will be represented! How cool is that! What an amazing opportunity to share our Tyrolean heritage!

I look forward to seeing all of you in October!


Reunion News!

Reunion Weekend Reservation Form (includes all weekend activities)

Saturday Afternoon Workshop Reservation Form (for workshop only)

Workshop Description: The Basics of DNA Testing

Evening Presentation Description: The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America

Reunion Raffle and Door Prizes

Reunion Sponsors






Reunion Photos


Genetti Family Reunion – 1987 – Hazleton, PA
First Row Seated, L to R: Gus Genetti, Esther Bott Clark, Jean Branz Daly, Catherine Branz LaPorte, Betty Zambotti Reich, Aunt Ann Genetti NcNelis, Leo Zambotti, Catherine Genetti Farkus, Rita Genetti Young, Agnes Bott York, Marianne Genetti, Bill Genetti. 1st Row Standing, L to R: Val Genetti, Gus Genetti III, Joseph LaPorte, Louis Reich, Erma Zambotti, Steve Farkus, Elaine White Young, unknown, unknown, Pat Genetti.

Thanks to Jean Branz Daly, we have just added a few more reunion group photos to our Reunion News page. Take a stroll down memory lane and see what the Genetti family looked like in years past. Click here then scroll to the bottom of the page to see reunions from 1983, 1987, 1992, 1994 and 1995. Jean even provided most of the names for the 1987 photo.

Alas, many of our old-timers are no longer with us. Some who were pictured in the early reunions, were born in Castelfondo, Tyrol (Stanley Genetti, Ann Genetti McNelis). We owe them a debt of gratitude as the first immigrants of our family. They came to Pennsylvania as children, forging a life for future generations. Their children were the first generation to be born in America. Many of our 1st generation family members are also pictured throughout the years (Jean Branz Daly, Catherine Branz LaPorte, Gus Genetti, Bill Genetti, Marianne Genetti, Betty Zambotti Reich).

Can you help identify others in our reunion photos? I know some, but not all. It would be a great gift to the family if we can positively identify each person in all of these photos. If you can help or you were in any of these photos, write me at info.genetti.family@gmail.com with your photo names, reunion year and position in the photo.

Many thanks to Jean Branz Daly (the granddaughter of Damiano and Oliva Genetti). Jean has been a frequent contributor to our family website and we are sincerely grateful! Grazie mille Jean!

Hey – have you sent in your Reunion Reservation yet? Only one week to go before the reservation deadline of September 1st! Don’t miss out on this special event – meet new cousins, hug old cousins, two special presentations, great food and loads of door prizes! It will be a memorable weekend for all, celebrating our Genetti Family heritage!

Check the links below for Reunion info:

Reunion News!

Reunion Reservation Form

Afternoon Workshop: The Basics of DNA Testing

Evening Presentation: The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America

Reunion Prizes!

Reunion Sponsors

Reservation Deadline: Sept 1st!

Reunion-3smallHave you mailed your Reunion Reservation Form yet? The reservation deadline is fast approaching – you only have 15 days left to reserve your space for the Genetti Family Reunion 2016 (deadline is September 1st). What are you waiting for?

It’s important that all reservation forms are received by the requested deadline. Patrick at the Genetti Ballrooms needs a head count to reserve the right size room and to plan our meals. Please don’t delay – print your Reservation Form and mail it TODAY with payment. Click here for the online Reunion Reservation Form.

So far we have cousins attending from nine states! And I know from your emails, there are many more of you who are making the trip to Hazleton but haven’t sent in your reservations yet.

Only 50 days left until “Reunion 2016: A Gathering of Genetti Descendants.” Reunion Weekend, October 7-9, will give you the opportunity to meet new cousins, share family stories and learn about our shared ancestry. If you have enjoyed reading our family website, we have so much more to tell you during our special DNA workshop and evening presentation. Each and every one of you is a vital part of our Genetti heritage! We look forward to your attendance and participation at this event to celebrate our family and the centuries of history that came before us.

Stop by the Reunion News Page for updates and to read about our weekend presentations:

The Basics of DNA Testing

The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America

Don’t hesitate – print out your reservation form and get it in the mail today!

I look forward to seeing all of you in October!

Reunion Prizes!


Genetti Stein

We have collected oodles of door prizes, raffle prizes, give-a-ways and even an auction piece for the upcoming Genetti Reunion. If you are planning to attend the weekend festivities, there’s a great chance you will go home with some fabulous Genetti goodies!

Look what “swag” has been donated so far:

  • Free copies of FILÒ Magazine: A Quarterly Magazine for Tyrolean Americans
  • Subscriptions for Ancestry.com and Newspaper.com
  • Autosomal DNA kits from Ancestry.com
  • Lots of cool items from our Genetti Family Shop
  • A beautiful piece of Art Glass by Gary Genetti (generously donated by Jeanne Murphy Genetti)

Descriptions of all prizes and give-a-ways are online at: Reunion Prizes!


Ancestry DNA Kits

Have any interesting family-related items that you would like to donate to the reunion as a door prize? I’m thinking along the lines of vintage or collectible Genetti memorabilia – or books related to our Tyrolean heritage. Maybe you are an artist, writer, craftsman or musician and would like to share a small piece of your art with us. Do you own a business? How about donating a gift certificate to your establishment. All donations will be included on our Reunion Prizes page as well as our Sponsor page (to be posted soon!). What creative ideas can you come up with?  Email me at info.genetti.family@gmail.com if you have a door prize donation and I will send you delivery instructions.

Only 67 days until Genetti Family Reunion 2016! Have you sent in your registration yet? Click here to download your Reservation Form. Remember – all reservations must be in by September 1st!


New Archive Webpage

Three Genetti Sisters

Erma Genetti Branz (1896-1971), Tillie Genetti Zambotti (1890-1971) and Dora Genetti Bott
(1889-1971). Black Creek, Pennsylvania, 1920’s.

In case you haven’t visited our family website lately, we have introduced a new webpage entitled: The Genetti Family Archive: Tell Us Your Story. You can find the link for this page in the top menu, labeled: Genetti Archive.

This is an interactive page created just for YOU! We want to know about your family, your stories, your ancestors. The Genetti family stretches back to the mid-1400’s, documenting 18 generations! That means we have a whole lot of descendants – and a bunch of living cousins! It’s hard to keep up with every person on our extensive tree. But with your help, we can create a family archive that will live on for future generations.

At the Genetti Archive page you’ll find two fun and easy questionnaires.

The Personal History of a Genetti Descendant can be completed for any descendant alive or deceased. It offers a personal glimpse of an individual’s history. Tell us about yourself, one of your adult children or use the form as a memorial to a family member who has passed on. Submit as many Personal History forms as you like – one form per person.

The Genetti Descendant Survey is for living Genetti descendants only. This questionnaire provides current information about your family lineage and will help us update our family tree.

Stop by the Genetti Archive page and take a few moments to complete our surveys. Your participation will be a great help to those of us keeping our family records – and your info will provide an invaluable resource for future generations.

Click here to go to The Genetti Family Archive: Tell Us Your Story

Also – remember the Genetti Family Reunion 2016 is just four months away! Need info about the reunion? Click here for Reunion News and to download a Reunion Reservation Form.