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More Cousins on the Photography Page


Thank you Jean Branz Daly for sharing another wonderful memory! This happy gathering of cousins probably took place sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

From left to right: Catherine Branz LaPorte (1923-2015: daughter of Erma Genetti and Henry Branz), Esther Bott Clark (1915-2011: daughter of Dora Genetti and Verecondo Bott), Betty Zambotti (1912-1995: daughter of Tillie Genetti and Peter Zambotti), Ann Genetti McNelis (1903-2005: daughter of Damiano and Oliva Genetti), Agnes Bott Yorke (1917-1994: daughter of Dora Genetti and Verecondo Bott), and Jean Branz Daly (living: daughter of Erma Genetti and Henry Branz).

All of the ladies were first cousins and the granddaughters of Damiano and Oliva Genetti, with the exception of Ann Genetti McNelis (center with sunglasses). Ann was the youngest child of Damiano and Oliva and was the aunt of this smiling bunch.

A few weeks ago, Jean explained this gathering in an email: “I don’t remember the year but it was with a group from New York. They made polenta in a large garbage can and we also had Tyrolean sausage. It was a wonderful day!”

Thank you Jean, for once again contributing to our Photograph Page. Please visit the Gallery Section of our website for more family stories, photos and memories!


Recent News: We extend our sympathies to the families of Jean and Catherine Branz. On Monday, October 26th, Jean’s sister – Catherine Branz LaPorte, passed away at the age of 92 after a brief illness. We are so sorry that another family member is no longer with us. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time of sadness.

Family News


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Finding Family News and Interesting Cousins with Google Alerts

You’re probably wondering how I find family news to post on our genealogy website. With thousands of Genetti descendants living throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Australia – it’s not easy. Sometimes family members send me email updates, other times I see newsy posts on FaceBook from relatives I have “friended”. Another technique I like to use for “staying in the know” and discovering new Genetti cousins is Google Alerts. Through my Google account, I’ve set up an “Alert” for the word “Genetti”. When Google searches the web and finds current news or relevant publications containing the word “Genetti” in the text, I receive an email with a link to the online story. If I think the information is newsworthy and it also pertains to a Genetti descendant, I’ll pass it on to you in the form of a blog post.


Photo from

That’s how I found this interesting article, “Tiny Houses, Big Plans” about LightWorks, a community-based company created by Frank Genetti. The Google Alert for this article showed up a few days ago in my email inbox. I won’t go into details, since you can read the article for yourself, but here’s the gist of it: Frank Genetti has a plan to help the homeless and change the world – one tiny house at a time. I love this concept and the mission he has created for addressing positive, self-sustaining and lasting social change. That’s why I’m sharing it with you today as a blog post. Without going into my own personal philosophy, I believe it’s important to give back to the community and Frank is doing just that.

But before I could post this article, I needed to find out – who is Frank Genetti and is he related to our family? I had not heard of this gentleman, so it was necessary to find a few clues before beginning the investigative process.

The article states: “A former golden boy running back at Cal-Berkeley who then went into business and lived the high life in California, Genetti eventually came back to earth. With a thud. Personal and family issues nearly consumed him. Cancer coursing through his body almost killed him. But through it all, he’s emerged a deeply spiritual man whose focus is squarely on others.” Wow – that was an amazing, short description that told me a lot about Frank. But was he actually related to the Genetti clan from Castelfondo, Italy?

The Genetti Family Tree

The Genetti Family Tree

I knew exactly who to contact. Five years ago I met a fellow genealogist through named Alexandra Genetti. Her husband, Michael, is a descendant of the Genetti family who originally emigrated  from Castelfondo to Wyoming. His family then moved on to California. If you look at the original family tree pictured here, you’ll find the branch of the Wyoming Genettis in the lower right corner. I knew Alexandra was an amazing genealogist who had thoroughly researched her husband’s family and had shared information with me in the past. If Frank was related to the California Genettis, Alexandra would know. I sent her an email request for info and within a day I had my answer.

TreeCloseupYes, Frank Genetti was related to the Wyoming/California branch of the Genettis. His grandfather was Francesco Giacinto Genetti, brother to Michael’s grandfather, Enrico Genetti. Their family patriarch was Angelo Genetti (1859 – 1946 ) born in Castelfondo, Austria (Italy). Frank and Michael share great-grandparents, Angelo and Teresa Marchetti, making them 2nd cousins.

Unfortunately, I have yet to research this branch of the Genettis and their information still needs to be added to our online family tree. They trace their roots back to the very first main branches, where our tree splits between two brothers: Pietro (born 1594) and Andrea (born 1597). My ancestors originate through Pietro’s branch and the Wyoming Genetti clan are descendants of Andrea Genetti. I certainly have it on my to-do list to tackle this large section of our tree! Particularly since I have also found at least two intermarriages between this branch of the family and mine. (Many thanks to Alexandra for her meticulous research.)

And so we would like to welcome cousin Frank Genetti and applaud your vision for creating a better world! I hope we hear from you soon, along with more information about your uplifting endeavors.

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Vice President at Genetti Manor, PA

Photo from PA homepage.

Photo from PA homepage.

This interesting bit of news came through my Google Alerts yesterday. Vice President Joe Biden (a Scranton, PA native), was invited to speak at the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick dinner held at the Genetti Manor in Dickson City, PA on the evening of March 17th. The Genetti Manor is owned and run by Gus Genetti.

Click here to see the local news broadcast of this event.

New Genetti Descendant!

BrodyBozek2015A new descendant has been added to the Genetti Family Tree! Congratulations to Frank and Elizabeth Bozek on the birth of their baby boy, Brody Nicholas. Born a week ago, Brody is the grandson of Valeria Genetti Bozek. He is also the great-grandson of Gus Genetti of Scranton, Pennsylvania and part of the fourth-generation of Americans in his family. Welcome Brody!

Gary Genetti Exhibiting This Weekend


In 2000, the art glass of Gary Genetti was featured on the cover of Smithsonian magazine.

If you are in the Philadelphia area this weekend, stop by and see the beautiful art glass of Gary Genetti. He will be exhibiting this weekend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 6-9 at Convention Center Hall “F”. A nationally recognized master glass artist, Gary’s classic pieces have been shown in galleries and prestigious craft venues throughout the country, as well as featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC. Gary has been kind enough to offer free passes to the show for any interested family members – just email him at I know if I were in Pennsylvania this weekend, I would be heading to this show. Thanks Gary!

For more information on Gary Genetti:

For more information on the 38th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show:

Castelfondo and Fondo, Trentino, Italy


Louise at Casa Genetti

Ciao! I finally have an afternoon to chat with you! There have been so many wonderful adventures during this trip to Italy that I will probably have a year’s worth of blog posts to write when I get home. For now I’ll just share the highlights.

I spent most of last week exploring the villages of Fondo and Castelfondo located only a few kilometers apart in Trentino, Italy. My husband and I hiked the beautiful and mysterious canyons that weave through the area (more on this later), visited the Genetti casa in Castelfondo, made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and enjoyed the company of my Italian Genetti cousins.

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure to correspond by email with several people from this area – some found me, others I tracked down for help with various genealogy questions.


Marco Genetti, Louise Genetti Roach, Dino Marchetti

Last week I met with Marco Genetti of Fondo and Dino Marchetti of Castelfondo. Somewhere in the distant past Marco and I may be related. Since most Genettis can trace their ancestral root to Castelfondo, it’s a matter of finding a common relative. Marco shared a very impressive collection of documents with me along with his family tree. His family moved to Fondo from Castelfondo in the mid-1600s. Since I do have the original baptismal records from the village going back to 1565, I will be doing my homework when I arrive back in New Mexico to find out if we share a many times great-grandfather from centuries gone by. I also made a connection with Dino Marchetti through my 3rd cousin, Brian Lockman. You see I am also a Marchetti from Castelfondo through my fraternal grandmother (Brian and I share a great great-grandfather). It turns out that Dino is an accomplished historian and once the town mayor. Although we are not related, Dino was especially generous with his time, taking us on a tour of Castelfondo, giving us a book he had authored about the village, and sharing his archive of vintage photographs. Grazie mille to you both!


Marco Romano, Louise Genetti Roach, Andrea Cologna

I also met with my friends Marco Romano (a researcher and historian) and Andrea Cologna. Marco and Andrea were kind enough to be my guides on my first trip to Castelfondo in 2011. I have kept in touch with them over the years and treasure their friendship and wisdom. We had a lovely lunch together in Tret.

And of course I spent a good bit of time with my Genetti famiglia. Last Sunday the family gathered for a hike into the very high country above the village. Since my husband and I love hiking, this was a real treat. In the Trentino-Alto Adige, everyone (both young and old) gets out on the trail. And on weekends, it’s a family event!


Me with three of the Genetti sisters: Maria, Louise, Lidia and Luciana (missing is Adriana).

My closest Italian Genetti cousins are related through my great-grandfather, Damiano. The four Genetti sisters (Maria, Lidia, Luciana and Adriana) are my third cousins, once removed. This means that they are of my father’s generation and their great-grandfather and my great-grandfather were first cousins. Our closest common relative is my great great great-grandfather, Alessandro Genetti. The photo to the left shows me with three of the sisters. Unfortunately Adriana could not make it that day.

The family gathered in the morning at Maria’s home in Castelfondo. The sisters live elsewhere (Bolzano, Trento) and have summer places in the village of Castelfondo (some have apartments in the original Genetti homestead). With all the little ones packed up and ready to go, we headed higher up into the mountains above the village. After parking, getting hiking sticks and strollers out, we trekked up a beautiful path that wove through peaks and above valleys. Past grazing cows with jingling bells hitched to their collars, we hiked with other families to a mountain hut or “malga”. These respites tucked into the hills were originally a refuge for shepherds during the summer when they grazed their herds in high mountain pastures. Now they are restaurants run by farm families that feed passing hikers. The dishes are simple traditional fare – tasty home cooking such as dumplings and venison, beer and wine, apple strudel for desert. What a great way to hike with a meal waiting for you at the end of the trail!


Genetti cousins

After lunch we gathered outside the malga for a group photo, then hiked back down the trail. The day ended with espresso at Lidia’s apartment in the old Genetti home in Castelfondo. A great ending to a week filled with memories, friends and family.


The mountain hut or malga where we stopped for lunch.
That’s Leonardo, Chiaro’s son and Maria Genetti’s grandson running ahead on the path.