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FYI – Some interesting news!

garygenettipodcastOur cousin, master glass artist Gary Genetti, was interviewed recently for “Inspirational Creatives” podcast. I love listening to podcasts and this show was of particular interest to me since I also have a background in the arts. Gary’s interview is very insightful, offering a personal glimpse into his creative and life philosophy. Find “Inspirational Creatives” at iTunes. Congrats Gary – great job! Click here to access their website and listen to Inspirational Creatives Podcast. Gary’s episode is #194.

And from one of our cousins in Italy, Chiara Dalla Nogare, here is information about an exchange opportunity between youth in Trentino and the descendants of Trentino immigrants. If you are a Genetti descendant whose family originated in Castelfondo, Trentino – and a young adult, you might be eligible for this fantastic program. The information is available in Italian, English and Spanish. Click here to access the website MondoTrentino. Thank you Chiara for sharing this wonderful program with your American cousins.

Time to Shop for Christmas

The Genetti Family Tree

The Genetti Family Tree

Hey Genetti cousins – if you’re looking for special Christmas gifts for the family this year, we have a number of great suggestions.

First, let me tell you that our fine art publisher, RedBubble, is having another private sale just for the Genetti Family. Want to give an original Genetti family tree to your children or how about a beautiful heritage print of our Coat-of-Arms? Now is the time to make this purchase! Starting today and running until midnight, Tuesday – November 1st, RedBubble will take 20% off of your entire order! That’s a whole lot of savings! If you purchase a large poster print (44″x33″) of the Genetti Family Tree, the regular price is $34.98. With your family discount, it costs only $27.98 if purchased by this Tuesday! To receive your discount, at check-out use your private coupon code: draw-GenettiFamily.

Click here to shop for Genetti Family Tree Prints!


Framed prints of homestead Fresco and carved Genetti coat-of-arms.

Special Note to buyers: As specified on our Shop page and in the artist notes for this product: we highly recommend that you purchase family tree prints only in extra-large print sizes or large poster sizes. There are over 200 ancestor names on this tree and you may not be able to read the text if printed smaller than 24″ x 18″. Please scroll down the shop page (click here) to find all print products offered for the Genetti Family Tree. Use the drop-down arrow on each item to select size (all prints are available in small sizes – unfortunately I cannot disable these sizes – so it is up to you to select a larger size appropriate for this detailed print).

This sale also extends to our other fine art prints of the Genetti Coat-of-Arms and the beautiful fresco pictured on the Genetti homestead located in Castelfondo, Italy.

Click here to shop Genetti Fine Art Prints – and make sure you use your private coupon code (draw-GenettiFamily) at check-out to receive 20% off – offer expires: Tuesday, Nov. 1, at midnight!


Junkyard Glass bowl by Gary Genetti

Next on our Christmas wish list is a beautiful bowl, created by master glass artist Gary Genetti. Gary’s exquisite hand-blown art glass creations may be out of reach for many, but did you know that he has a very affordable option to his gallery pieces? “Junkyard Glass” is a unique line that turns trash into treasure!

Here is the product description for Junkyard Glass: “This upcycled glass bowl represents a story both personal and of broad cultural/environmental impact. Born in the junkyard, the original idea was a healing activity for my family and I. It has found an appeal not only as a friendly product but as a metaphor for resilience and healing trauma through creativity. It is a combination of beauty, practicality and environmental sensitivity that reminds us of a new attitude toward consumption, making and sustainability.” Beginning November 1st and running until November 8th, Junkyard Glass will be part of Amazon Launchpad Startup Week (click here to read more). If you are an Amazon Prime Member, receive a 20% discount and free shipping on all Junkyard Glass purchases during Nov. 1st-8th. To purchase a Junkyard Glass bowl at Amazon.com, click here!

Also – checkout Gary’s website at: http://genettiglass.com/. FYI – I purchased a Junkyard Glass bowl during Gary’s Kickstarter campaign several years ago. Absolutely love my bowl for its usefulness, durability and beauty. Thanks Gary!

See a video of how Junkyard Glass bowls are made: click here to watch. (You may remember that Gary’s spectacular art glass piece, donated by Jeanne Genetti Murphy, was one of the highlights of our recent family reunion.) 


Genetti Ancestors

And finally, would you like to give a piece of Genetti history to your children or grandchildren? Now you can! Our evening presentation, “The Genetti Family of Castelfondo: Our Journey to America”, will soon be available as a professionally edited DVD. If you missed the reunion or would like a unique Christmas gift, this DVD is the perfect solution! Bill Genetti is currently taking orders, but hurry because quantities are limited.

Please send a check for $15 (includes shipping) addressed to: William Genetti, 1345 N. Church St., Hazle Township, PA 18202. Have questions, contact Bill at: wegenetti@gmail.com.

I hope this blog post has your creative juices flowing! Why give socks or a tie, when you can give a token of your family heritage! Plus remember to visit our online Genetti Family Shop for unique glassware, T-shirts, books on the Tyrolean culture and other cool stuff! Ho, ho, ho – Christmas is just around the corner!

Click here to visit the Genetti Family Shop.

Reunion Auction of Genetti Art Glass


Rose Geometric Bowl
by Gary Genetti
10″ x 7″

How cool is this – we have a beautiful piece of art glass by master glassblower, Gary Genetti, to auction off during our family reunion! This exquisitely crafted rose-colored bowl has been generously donated by another cousin, Jeanne Genetti Murphy. Jeanne would like the money raised from the sale of Gary’s art, to go towards future Genetti reunions.

At the age of ninety-two, Jeanne is a first generation American. Her parents were Faustino Genetti and Matilda Turri, both born in Castelfondo, Tyrol. Faustino immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1921 and Matilda soon followed.

I have enjoyed several wonderful conversations with Jeanne since she first contacted me in June via email. Gary and Jeanne met at the Philadelphia Craft Show where the artist was exhibiting. It must have been a surprise to both that they shared the same Tyrolean surname! Jeanne and Gary became friends, exchanging stories of their Genetti heritage. (Gary is a descendant of the Illinois Genetti clan.) Jeanne purchased “Rose Geometric Bowl” directly from the artist and it has been a cherished keepsake in her home for many years.

JeanneMurphy1945-cIn July, Jeanne’s son and grandson were driving through New Mexico and gave me a call. We met for a lively lunch and all enjoyed the company of new-found cousins. Thank you Daniel and Jeremiah! It was a pleasure meeting you in-person. I hope to see you both again in the future.

Jeanne also sent me this lovely photo of herself at the age of twenty-one. What a beautiful lady!

Getting back to our auction piece, let me tell you about our talented cousin, Gary Genetti. Gary’s art glass has been exhibited in many galleries and prestigious craft venues. His work is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. and has been featured on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.

GaryGenettiBio of international glass artist Gary Genetti:

From www.genettiglass.com: “Gary Genetti has been designing and making glass art for over 20 years. Genetti received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and graphics from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. In 1978 He began his apprenticeship in a production glass studio and in 1980 established his own studio in rural Warwick, NY.

“When Gary Genetti first started blowing as an apprentice to a local glass maker in Warwick, New York, he felt an immediate connection to the material. Hypnotized by the beauty of the process, he would work all day, then practice blowing glass at night. After opening his own studio he started merging an Italian process called ‘incalmo’; in which partially blown sections of different colored glass are joined while still hot with sandblast etched motifs that recall ancient Greek and Roman pottery. ‘The glass is layered during the blowing with various colors and when cool, the piece is etched to reveal that hidden beauty,'”

A few months ago, when Jeanne first contacted us about the donation, Bill Genetti’s response to me was perfect. He mused how amazing it was that a Genetti descendant was donating a work of art created by another Genetti to a Genetti family reunion where it will be purchased by yet another Genetti descendant to help finance future reunions for more Genetti descendants! I couldn’t agree more – what an astounding cycle of giving back by cousins! (For those of you who don’t know, Bill is from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania Genetti family. He has been organizing Genetti Family Reunions for the past 30 years! Many thanks Bill for bringing our family together.)

Our deepest thanks to Jeanne Genetti Murphy for her very generous donation. We welcome you and your family as new-found cousins!

And thank you Gary Genetti – your amazing masterpieces are part of the collective Genetti Family legacy.

Make sure you bring your check books to Reunion Weekend – I’m sure there will be several family members bidding on Gary’s beautiful art glass!

Want to know more about Gary Genetti, visit his website at: http://genettiglass.com/

Gary Genetti Exhibiting This Weekend


In 2000, the art glass of Gary Genetti was featured on the cover of Smithsonian magazine.

If you are in the Philadelphia area this weekend, stop by and see the beautiful art glass of Gary Genetti. He will be exhibiting this weekend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 6-9 at Convention Center Hall “F”. A nationally recognized master glass artist, Gary’s classic pieces have been shown in galleries and prestigious craft venues throughout the country, as well as featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC. Gary has been kind enough to offer free passes to the show for any interested family members – just email him at garygenetti@gmail.com. I know if I were in Pennsylvania this weekend, I would be heading to this show. Thanks Gary!

For more information on Gary Genetti: www.genettiglass.com.

For more information on the 38th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show: www.pmacraftshow.org.