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Sale on Family Tree Prints!

Genetti Family Tree

Genetti Family Tree

Our supplier of Family Tree prints is running a big sale today only! Purchase wall art today from Redbubble and receive a whopping 25% off the original price!

Have you been putting off buying a print of the Genetti Family Tree? Well TODAY is the day to buy it! Don’t miss out on this great bargain from Redbubble. But hurry – the sale only lasts until 11:59 pm Pacific Time tonight! At checkout, use the discount code DIGTHIS to receive your 25% discount.



Original Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Genetti Coat-of-Arms

The sale includes family tree prints, as well as prints of our Coat-of-Arms and the beautiful 16th century fresco, Madonna with Child, that is painted on the Genetti homestead. You can find descriptions of all prints in our online Family Shop. Or use the links below and go directly to each family prints:

Original Genetti Family Tree: Click Here (Available in different sizes as posters, photographic prints, art prints, framed prints and prints on metal. Scroll down the page to find all products. Due to the detail of the Family Tree, we recommend ordering large size prints. Smaller sizes may not be readable.) Price for a large poster print (44.2″x33.2″) is $34.98 –  with your 25% discount it’s only $26.23! A total bargain for this size print!


Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Genetti Family Coat-of-Arms: Click Here (Available in different sizes as posters, photographic prints, art prints, canvas prints, framed prints and prints on metal. Scroll down the page to find all products.) Price for a medium Art Print (16″x20″) is $28.33 – with your 25% discount it’s only $21.25!

Antique Print of Genetti Coat-of-Arms: Click Here (Available in different sizes as posters, photographic prints, art prints, canvas prints, framed prints and prints on metal. Scroll down the page to find all products.) Price for a medium Canvas Print (12″x12″) is $72.71 – with your 25% discount it’s only $54.54!


Genetti Fresco

Madonna with Child

Madonna with Child: Click Here (Available in different sizes as posters, photographic prints, art prints, canvas prints, framed prints and prints on metal. Scroll down the page to find all products.) Price for a large Photographic Print (20″x16″) is $28.74 – with your 25% discount it’s only $21.56!

Hurry – the clock is ticking! You only have a few hours (until 11:59 pm Pacific time tonight!) to place your order for sale prints.

Remember – use the discount code DIGTHIS when you checkout at Redbubble and receive a 25% discount!!!



Sale on Family Tree Prints!

Genetti Family Tree

Family Tree

Our printing company (Redbubble) that provides the Genetti family tree prints found in our online shop, will be holding a sale on Sunday, January 17 through Monday, January 18.

Want to hang a beautiful ancestral family tree on your wall? Or give it as a gift to your own descendants? Now’s the time to take advantage of this great sale!

Redbubble is offering 15% off of all products, Jan. 17th and 18th. Just use the checkout code GEEKOUT when you place your order to receive this super 15% discount! Don’t miss out!

The discount applies to all family tree prints, fine art prints of our family coat-of-arms and even beautiful scarves printed with the Genetti crest.

Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Here are a few of our Redbubble products:

Original Genetti Family Tree Poster

Antique Coat-of-Arms Framed Print

Coat-of-Arms Antique Scarf

Original Genetti Coat-of-Arms Framed Print

Have questions! Feel free to email me at:

Genetti Swag!

Genetti Mugs

The Genetti Coffee Mug

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Ho, ho, ho and deck the halls! Time to check-out the Genetti Shop to see what goodies you can snag for special family members on your Christmas list.

So many wonderfully unique gift items have been added to our online store that it’s hard to choose. This year I’ve selected four different products personalized with the Genetti Coat-of-Arms for holiday gift giving.

Always a favorite – our tall coffee mug has been updated with the family name in a classic, old-world font. The mug is available in six different designs, including a hip new distressed look and a throw-back 50’s font. (To see more, go directly to “Drinkware”: click here).

Genetti MugsGenetti MugsMy next selection was a money clip engraved with our family crest. I was super-pleased with this product! It was beautifully created by Café Press – a real gem of a gift!

My third choice was a nifty apron. I’m sure you have at least one chef on your list of Genetti family. I knew immediately that a personalized apron was just the right gift for my “foodie” relative! (See the money clip, apron and lots of other “Cool Stuff”: click here).

And finally, I purchased a tall, stainless steel thermos for one of my coffee-toting brothers. But shhhhhhh – don’t tell him and spoil the surprise! (See thermos, mugs, steins, and glasses under “Drinkware”: click here).

Genetti Money Clip

Money Clip with Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Stop by and browse our large selection of books on Tyrolean culture at the Family Bookstore. And don’t forget to peruse T-shirts, drinkware, kid’s clothes, family tree prints and the rest of our classic Genetti swag on the Shop Page.

Plus make sure you sign-up for special offers through our suppliers: Café Press and Redbubble (see instructions at the end of this post). Both companies send weekly email specials that can save you a bundle (discounts usually range between 15% – 30% on certain items). FYI – Café Press and Redbubble are both running Black Friday specials all this week! Sign-up ASAP to see what great holiday deals you can grab. What could be better – sales without the hassle of crowds AND delivered right to your door!

To my USA readers – wishing you a warm and grateful Thanksgiving holiday!

Click here to visit The Genetti Family Shop!


Genetti Family Apron

Genetti Thermos

Stainless Steel Thermos

Genett Thermos

Genetti Thermos










Special Note:

To sign-up for Café Press specials: go to: – scroll to the bottom of their home page and enter your email in the box labeled “Get Exclusive Offers”. It’s that easy!

To sign-up for Redbubble specials: Just click here – scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email in the box labeled “Subscribe for OFFERS & UPDATES”.


** A small percentage of each sale is returned to The Genetti Family Genealogy Project. These funds help support continuing ancestor research, along with the upkeep and maintenance of our family website. Thank you!


The Glass Studio of Gary Genetti

GaryGenettiIf you live near the New York City area or eastern Pennsylvania, make sure you stop by the Glass Studio of Gary Genetti during the weekend of November 27-29. Every year Gary opens the doors of his studio to the public, offering a glimpse of his exquisite glass art. The event takes place in the rural town of Warwick, New York – just north of NYC. For address and phone number, see the flyer shown here or check Gary’s website.




BlueMedallionThis year Gary will be featuring his new kiln formed work: Fused Murrine Mosaics and Carved/Color Inlayed Panels. I’ve only seen these online, but I bet they are spectacular in-person!

A nationally recognized glass artist, Gary’s beautiful pieces have been exhibited in many galleries and prestigious craft venues, as well as featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC.






Stop by and browse Gary Genetti’s website. If a piece catches your eye and you would like it for your collection or as a special gift, contact him directly at:

It’s a Sale on Kid’s Stuff!

Genetti Kids wear

I'm a Genetti Kid!





New Leaf Bib




Kid's Hoodie with Genetti Crest









Hey everyone! This is a quick post to let you know our supplier, Café Press, is having a flash sale on baby products! Wow – it’s a whopping 25% off on all baby and toddler products! But you have to hurry – the sale ends at midnight (Pacific Time) tomorrow, October 21st!

If you have a little cutie on your gift list, now is the time to buy from our new Kids! section in the Genetti Family Shop. The designs are adorable and you can’t beat the discount of 25% off!

To receive your discount on all toddler and baby items, just use the coupon code BABYCRAZY when you checkout of the Café Press shopping cart.

Click here to Shop NOW!

The Genetti Shop is New and Improved!

Genetti mug

Mug with Genetti coat-of-arms in Old World type.

Wow, not sure what got into me, but I have spent the last two weeks on a creative binge!

I decided that the Genetti Shop on our website needed to be refurbished and expanded. There are five generations of our family alive and kicking! I realized we needed new designs and products that appealed to everyone – from great-grandparents to infants! So I settled in and got the job done.

The result – our shop now has dozens of new items sporting seven new designs, lots more books and a new fine art section! The Shop page itself is now easier to maneuver, with better product photos and links.

Here you’ll find direct links to: Drinkware, Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids!, Hats, Travel Accessories, Stationery, Cool Stuff!, Techie Accessories and Christmas ornaments.

Genetti Kids wear


Ten new books about Tyrolean culture, travel and food have been added to the Family Bookstore!

And our fine art section (family trees and coat-of-arm prints) has been totally updated with new photos and products.

With Christmas right around the corner, why not visit the Genetti Family Shop for an amazing selection of wares that reflect your personal heritage. (I’ve already placed my Christmas order and it should arrive by next week!)

And remember, our suppliers: Cafe Press, Redbubble and Amazon all offer global shipping!  

Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Antique Genetti Coat-of-Arms


Shop now!



Your purchase from our Family Shop helps with the cost and upkeep of this website, as well as supports ongoing genealogy research. Mille grazie!

New Book Review

OurFirstYearI just added a lovely book to our family’s online Bookstore. “Our First Year: Sketches from an Alpine Village” was written by a fellow Tyrolean American named Allen Rizzi. He has returned to live in the home of his ancestors, the tiny village of Tret located in the upper Val di Non. This eBook is a treat for those who yearn for their Tyrolean roots.

Visit our Bookstore and read my review! Available as an eBook for $2.99 or Audible book for $6.95, “Our First Year” is a bargain and a heartwarming read.

Click here to shop at the Bookstore.

Etched Glassware from Gary Genetti

6set-GaryI received a wonderful email from Gary Genetti today. Gary is a master glass artist with work in many private and museum collections. He has generously offered to etch glassware with the Genetti Coat-of-Arms for family members at a discounted price.

I’ve created a separate page in our Genetti Shop just for Gary. Please stop by to see more examples of Genetti glassware. Click here to visit Gary’s page.

I’ve also spoken with Gary about offering more of his glass pieces in our online shop. I’m very excited about this! It would be fantastic to showcase the artistic talents of our family members. I look forward to working with Gary in 2015 on this project.

To see more of Gary’s exquisite glass art, visit


Gifts from the Genetti Shop

Products with Genetti Coat-of-Arms

Mug with Genetti Coat-of-Arms. Also available as a stein and stainless steel travel mug.

With Christmas fast approaching, remember to shop for personal family gifts at the Genetti Shop! Here you’ll find mugs, T-shirts and mousepads with the Genetti family coat-of-arms; books about our Tyrolean culture; fine art prints of the original family tree and much more.

It’s not too late – order today and surprise you’re family with unique gifts that celebrate our family ancestry.

Click here to start shopping!